Selfish Parking

We’re pleased to announce that is running a photo-based campaign to raise awareness of the dangers that parking outside schools on yellow zig-zags endangers children. You can see our photos of Selfish Parkers here.

Whether it’s a lack of awareness or traffic legislation or  laziness, we don’t know. We’d be the first to agree that parking around schools is always going to be a problem: but that doesn’t make it okay to endanger children entering or leaving the school. However it’s just plain selfish.

With police and council resources stretched to breaking point, the only option left is to name and shame those drivers who do this.

How can you help?

Better still, you can do all three, each and every time you see these Selfish Parkers. You can also raise awareness:
  • Tell your local school and ask them to remind parents that they mustn’t stop or park on yellow zig-zags whilst operational.  Ask the school Governing Body to respond to this issue (you can contact the Chair of the Governing Body via the School’s office).
  • Spread the word: tell your friends, neighbours.
  • Write to the local press and call radio stations.
  • Ask for an article to be published in your local residents or tenants’ association newsletters.
You can tell people about the campaign, and direct them to this page at or via the homepage, and you can see our photos of Selfish Parkers here.