Oct 06 2012

Selfish Parker Mr YE10 JFY Joins the Club

We round off the week with another new member into our Selfish Parker Club – and another person who thinks it’s  his right and privilege to park on operational yellow zig-zags outside a school. Mr YE10 JFY in his 2010 diesel Vauxhall Astra Estate is parked here on Kingsley Road, right on the corner of the entrance to Welldon Park Infant School and on the yellow zig-zags which are there to make leaving schools safer.

This photo was taken on October 5, 2012 at 15.32.

Parking or stopping on yellow zig-zags outside schools is generally frowned upon by parents of small children, teachers, and the community at large. The zig-zags are there for a reason: to stop people parking in dangerous locations.

Rule 238 of the Highway Code: You MUST NOT wait or park, or stop to set down and pick up passengers, on school entrance markings (see ‘Road markings’) when upright signs indicate a prohibition of stopping.

If you have a photo of a Selfish Parker, send us a copy to info@iharrow.com. The only thing we’d ask for is:

  • That the photo shows, clearly, the vehicle stopped on yellow zig-zags
  • That the yellow zig-zags are operational (as shown by an upright sign nearby)
  • That you tell us when (date and time) and where it was taken
  • That it clearly shows the vehicle registration number

Don’t take risks! The Selfish Parker is an ignorant creature, who will defend his apparent right to park whereever he is. Typical reactions will include lots of verbal abuse, shouting or swearing. It’s best to snap a photo subtly as you walk past, as these creatures get irritated easily by any attempt to get photos.

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