Feb 02 2015

Welldon Park Infant School Gets Tough on Parking


It’s been some time since we’ve published any Selfish Parkers on iharrow.com – unfortunately, the problem hasn’t gone away.

However, in Welldon Park Infant School’s newsletter last week, we were pleased to see that they’ve taken up the challenge of naming and shaming drivers who park irresponsibly, in this case, the owner of WJ02 FXH – a silver MG ZS Hatchback.

Unfortunately, it’s a tough problem to beat. The PCSOs are completely unable to monitor every school, morning and afternoon and, of course, once a parent turns up and see a PCSO there, they park properly. No PCSO, and they abandon their car on zig zags or, as in the case, blocking the school entrance.

Some schools, such as St Joseph’s, have successfully managed to get their cul-de-sac into a ‘no car’ zone, primarily by pupil pressure on parents – maybe that’s an idea Welldon Park Infant School could try next?


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