Dec 02 2017

Susan AM Says: Rat Land – London’s Growing Rodent Problem

London Assembly Member, and Hatch End Councillor, Susan Hall says:

“The figures in my rats report suggest London’s crawling – and the problem is getting worse. We’ve seen in Paris what can happen when increasing populations of rodents are ignored. Not only do they present a public health issue, they risk damaging the reputation of individual boroughs and harming the global view of London as a clean and attractive city.”

Hall has clearly been busy since stepping down as leader of Harrow’s Conservative Group, and has written a report on the growing problem.

She continues, “If we want to avoid our city being overrun by rats like Paris and Harrow, we need a co-ordinated approach to tackle this problem, led by the Mayor. The recommendations in this report will go some way to cleaning up London’s streets and ratting out our city’s nuisance rodents.”

London’s rodent population is on the rise. Evidence presented in her report shows local authorities and pest control firms in the capital received over 186,000 complaints relating rodents over the past five years. That’s more than 100 per day – and the problem is getting worse.

It came to a head in July 2017 when Harrow became the focus of an unfortunate viral video that served as a warning to other London boroughs of the risks of poor environmental health.

Her report examines the extent of London’s rodent problem and the issues surrounding pest control in London boroughs. It looks at the possible consequences for local authorities who do not address the problem, as well as looking at what other cities have done about similar issues in Europe.

You can download the full report here.

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  1. Roland

    Stop feeding them then! Just walk across the road from your shop into the Holy Trinity Car Park and see the out of date food dumped out the back. A good food source for rats!

  2. mike mcfadden

    Well done Susan,

    At least someone is taking these issues seriously. The problem with rodent increase is not really rocket science. Overcrowding and the filth on our streets, that was unimaginable only a decade ago.

    However, what is so blatantly obvious beds in shed and 10/20 people living in one house and for “those that care”, there is plenty of evidence to show Harrows complicity in destroying parts of the borough. Also Mr Lockwood and his team constructively refusing to answer tax-payers genuine concerns on over planning for profit.
    By giving recognition to beds in sheds and the destruction of family life by allowing so many HMO’s with what seems like, unrestricted planing and building consent against the wishes of local people. Is, was, should be a crime against local people.

    It seems clear those that are running Harrow Council are in a race to the bottom. That has lead to a gross distortion in housing market conditions. That only HMO’s or those claiming housing benefits to subsidies their rents can afford. Thereby forcing local working folk away from the areas they know and have grown up in. It could so easily be construed as ethnic cleansing.

    I hope you get back in office at some stage. Best wishes and a very Merry Christmas. Ho ho ho

  3. red mirror

    i saw a massive one coming out of the civic centre wearing a track suit apparently the staff have named him michael he runs for an hour a day round the borough checking on his chums then returns to a huge office with a treadmill he looks so happy and receives all manner of goodies from the council maybe susan hall could gear up and tackle this one first? becoming a modern day pied piper without the toll of course.

  4. Someonewhocares

    Interesting RM, but the The Chief Rat has already been exterminated of course (but no doubt another will emerge).

    The (real) rat epidemic here is surely mainly due to the Council charging residents £100+ per “incident”. If they really do want to reduce the problem they should try about £30 instead and then residents *would* report them before it gets worse. Unfortunately that would take vision and planning…

    – Looking forward therefore to the Council saying “these (rats) are out of control and we can no longer deal effectively with the problem” when it is simply too late..

    1. Someonewhocares

      Interesting in the Report that Harrow/Hillingdon are currently 13th/14th in the list, and yet the latter uses plastic bags rather than wheelie bins for refuse collections.

    2. iharrow.com

      It’s interesting to note that Tower Hamlets – with the most reported rodent incidents – offer a FREE service. Comparisons like the table in Ms Hall’s report are only useful when you realise that: low numbers of rats reported in borough doesn’t necessarily mean that there isn’t a rat problem there. As we know, Harrow is overrun – there are countless videos on YouTube, Facebook, Twiiter and so on, particularly of the underpass where the council had it’s latest pop-up restaurant (and how did that get licencing…?). What London needs is a cross-borough and consistent strategy: price harmonisation (ideally free), coordinated baiting, enforced control over food waste. Until we get that, living amongst rats for all of us is going to just become normal.

      Then, wait until they start becoming acclimatised through evolution to human contact.

      1. Someonewhocares

        Understood: There is most definitely NOT a co-ordinated counter-attack on these vermin.
        Many of these Services are ‘farmed out’ to external (and so profit-sensitive) companies
        – and thus it may not actually be in their best interests to eliminate the problem either…?

        1. mike mcfadden

          Oh dear, Someone, Your statement, just goes to show how clueless you are about the real world. Have you ever had a real job or worked for yourself?

          Your impudent suggestion that pest controllers are doing a poor job because its in their interest. Is not ill-mannered but offensive to all those that work hard.

          However, let me assure you about the real world. Full and fair competition is the only way to keep costs down. Those that are self employed have to carry out their duties at a fair price and in a manner that would insure they become the customers first choice. Based on work ethic attention to detail courtesy and presentation of staff and abilities in getting the job done on time.

          What would you prefer, state employing 10 people doing the job of one man and the rest taking their beds to work with them.? That’s the way it used to be, prior to Mrs T.

          A return to the sick-man of Europe again. No thank you. Try and give credit to those that are prepared to do a job you couldn’t or wouldn’t do.

          Its so easy to sit back and criticise those that do by those can’t or wont. Try getting out more into the real world where people have to use common-sense not common-purpose because we know it makes sense.

          Ain’t rocker science. Innit Mate! ha ha ha Ho Ho Ho have a Merry Christmas. Start to think positive.

          1. Someonewhocares

            No, not going to bite: Just your same old repeated. wrong and hypocritical garbage; Wait a minute, you haven’t been leaving all your ‘rich’ garbage around Harrow now have you…? Maybe that’s what’s these rats are feeding on, *that* could explain it; Hmmmm… have you been spending time in Tower Hamlets recently?

          2. Someonewhocares

            In fact, having now perused this:


            … and seeing there was no specific service on offer for idiotic blog trolls like you
            I simply reported you instead to pest.control@harrow.gov.uk

            Wonder what they will charge? Being private they don’t give any prices…….
            although I expect, like you, they just “make them up as they go along”!

          3. mike mcfadden

            someonewho and your parrot.
            Price is not always the best guide. its knowing what your doing. That old saying you buy cheap you pay twice,seems to be a good testimony to life experiences.

            Now, what’s your claim to being an expert? Living off the backs of tax-payers? I don’t think so.!

          4. Someonewhocares

            Oh of course now your usual pseudo-philosophical clap-trap…! Back ON TOPIC save it (plus your “advice”) for those who could actually give a Rats Ass about all your nonsense!

            – Perhaps you did not notice -or care- that the current uncordinated ‘free market’ (and overly-expensive) anti-rodent plan has NOT removed the problem – it has become much worse…. so (just for YOU) clearly they DON’T ‘know what they are doing’ either….

            Now, read The Report and make some intelligent remarks for a change – if you really can/must!

  5. Sonoo Malkani

    Heard of the term “best practice”?That’s surely needed rather badly in this case.A no brainer!

    1. Someonewhocares

      Apparently they have not: As already stated “Best Practice” would be a co-ordinated London-Wide plan of attack on the rats so just how would *you* suggest we implement this plan SM?

      Yes, there *is* a huge mismatch here between “what’s needed” and “what actually happens”….
      so I guess we will all have to write to the Mayor and explain this now?

  6. mike mcfadden

    Someonewho ?

    Why is it you’re of the opinion only you and your parrot have the right to criticize those that try and do? Try looking in the mirror you may find out where your life went wrong and the reason why your so bitter and twisted.
    Now, I appreciate you have little in the way of common-sense and that maybe due to your lack of experience in the work place. If you think you can do a better job try it. “STOP ridiculing those that do!
    Now, have a merry Christmas and make a new years resolution to be a better person and ridicule those responsible for the mess at Harrow Council because its not the staff that work there, it’s the inadequate people that run the council for the few not the many, chasing their personal vanity projects wasting tax-payer monies and in my view crossing the line. Ho, ho, ho

    1. Someonewhocares

      What a surprise – as above you have just proven that – like many chronic hypocrites you can’t actually see how your own ‘advice’ applies mainly to YOU.. !

      We all look forward to seeing copies of your ‘highly informed’ anti-rodent plans as sent to the Mayor after studying Susan’s Report and making key Constructive Criticisms, as is needed….

      [Helpful Hint: In your note do try to avoid all your usual random rambling stuff, HMOs, etc, there is quite a long list, as we all know (and mainly ignore): Oh and don’t mention all your U-KIP nonsense either. The folks at the Town Hall may not take you very seriously if/when they think the note is from someone with “serious issues”!]

      PS: Oh well… And a “Merry Christmas” to you too, Scrooge!

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