Mar 09 2013

Susan Says: Call for More Action in Tackling Violence Against Women

susan_hall_150x150On International Women’s Day, the Leader of Harrow Council’s Conservative Group has called the Council to do more to tackle violence against women. The Council hosted a well-attended violence prevention event in November, and passed a motion at February’s Council meeting – both condemning violence and thanking Harrow individuals and organisations for their efforts in combating it.

Cllr. Susan Hall said: “Some fine work has been done in Harrow to tackle violence against women, particularly in the last few years. However, I think there’s always the opportunity for us to do more, and for us to expand the remit of what we do. As community leaders and local representatives, I believe councillors have a responsibility to speak out against and tackle this issue head on. Valid though Council motions are, I would like to see the Council adopt a formal policy of promoting all prevention events, and to raise awareness of the issue of violence against women whenever possible.”

Cllr. Hall continued: “In particular, I think we need to look more at occurrences of violence closer to home, particularly domestic violence. This affects the whole of society – with over a million women from all communities in the UK each year suffering abuse – and with the highest repeat victimisation rate of any crime. We are rightly proud of Harrow being seen as a low crime borough, and that means we have to take domestic violence as seriously as any other crime.”

Cllr. Hall concluded: “I know concerns have been raised regarding the funding of services for domestic violence prevention nationwide, but raising awareness costs next to nothing, and is something we can all get involved in. As we mark International Women’s Day, it’s right that we celebrate the historical legacy and the achievements of women – but we must also take constructive steps to confront the abuse, suffering and violence that many women continue to face.”

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