Sep 24 2015

Susan Says: Civic Centre Move Could “Force Out” Business from Wealdstone

harrow_council_logoHarrow Council’s Labour administration has announced plans for a new Civic Centre in Wealdstone, which could force out a community banqueting hall, a local temple and undermine local businesses by closing the Peel House car park. Under the plans Premier Banqueting and the Siddhashram Shakti Centre – both of which are believed to have over 10,000 visitors a month – and other organisations could face closure, with their buildings demolished to make way for the new Civic Centre.

These plans were only made public earlier this month, but Labour plan to push them through full Council on Thursday. The Council’s Conservative Group are worried about many aspects of these plans – not least because of the risks involved in the Council buying large plots of land, the chaos it will cause to traffic in Wealdstone, and because the funding the Council have boasted about ‘winning’ is actually a loan that has to be paid back. After speaking to local businesses and residents who are also very concerned about the loss of valued and popular community assets, the Conservatives have now started a petition asking the Labour administration to rethink their plans.

Less risky options, involving land the Council already owns and which would have less of an impact on peoples’ lives, have been ignored by Labour. So if you share the concerns many have about these plans please sign the petition here.




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  1. Elijah Traven

    What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Just as Conservative councils and the Conservative government see their majorities as a mandate to enact policies without consultation or negotiation with anyone so are Labour councils doing the same. They have the legal right to do this, the democratic mandate, and in their own eyes a moral obligation. The Tories don’t negotiate with anyone in councils they control in other parts of London such as Bromley and at Westminster in government. When the boot is on the other foot they come bleating. If the Tories want compromise in Harrow let them compromise with Labour in council areas they control and at government level. The system of non negotiation with other parties and using an election victory as a mandate to carry out policies without consideration of other parties is set by the Conservative Party, a natural party of dictators. Labour will do as it wishes in Harrow within legal constraints. They won’t be preached to by the Conseratives. Relations between the two major parties are not good. The leaderships of the two parties at Westminster need to sort this out. I urge Councillor Susan Hall to stop using the media to smear Labour in Harrow. She is not doing her side any good. She is ignored time and time again by Labour. The Tories lost the election in Harrow in 2014. Labour call the shots in Harrow. That’s natural justice.

  2. Concerned Harrovian

    Many people visit the Civic Centre. if the multi-storey car park is demolished where will they park? Meetings are held in rooms in the Civic Centre how will this be accommodated in a building of a much smaller size?


    NATURAL jUSTICE ? LABOUR ; Look what labour did in there last term opened the floodgates and let the world in which caused chaos in the SCHOOLS , N HEALTH , TRANSPORT,HOUSING . BENEFITS
    Now they say the answer is to shrink the Civiv C entre and Move to Wealdstone one fifth size reduction and no Parking

  4. All local shops

    Council are to protect business and not to destroy this will be dissastor for local community as facility like this is not around and has got full security of car park usage

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