Jan 22 2013

Susan Says: Council Tax Support Scheme Impacts the Vulnerable

susan_hall_150x150Elsewhere, we reported that Harrow Council announced their Council Tax Support scheme. Below, we reproduce the response from the Harrow Conservative Group Leader, Cllr Susan Hall.

Cllr. Susan Hall said: “The fact is that Labour have adopted this scheme because they’ve made poor choices over the last two and a half years. They’ve spent massively on IT, and have made bad decisions over things like agency worker and highway maintenance contracts, which has left them in a position where they have to pass a greater financial burden on to some of Harrow’s most vulnerable residents. Had they made wiser choices, they could have absorbed the cost of localisation as other councils in London have done – such as Conservative-run Wandsworth and Westminster and Labour-run Merton. Instead, Labour are balancing the Council’s books on the backs of the poor and vulnerable.

Cllr. Shah has blamed the Government for Labour’s ‘cruel’ choice, because that’s what he always does. However, just as he and his Labour colleagues chose to increase Harrow’s council tax and not accept funding from the Government to help freeze it, so too have they chosen to inflict higher council tax bills on the vulnerable. True to form, Labour have called on the Conservatives to propose alternatives to Labour’s plans, but Cllr. Shah and his colleagues have actually blocked our ability to see the key budget background papers we’d need in order to do this.

As a final point; for all Labour’s insistence that this scheme protects the vulnerable as much as possible, it’s worth noting that just hours before Council voted on this scheme, Labour changed it. However, they didn’t change it to make it less severe or to protect our residents; they simply put in a get-out clause allowing them to change it conveniently in time for the local elections next year. This says all you need to know about how much faith Labour really have in what they voted for.”

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  1. John Clement

    Nobody will state the obvious that the huge requirements for benefits and services of migrants who are contributing nothing to the community or to society means that the deserving and the hard working but not wealthy have to suffer huge diminution in their quality of life. Housing associations in Harrow are sucking the blood of the community.

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