Jun 17 2013

Susan Says: Dirtier Streets and Increasing Crime in Harrow

susan_hall_150x150The fact that our streets are gradually getting dirtier and dirtier is beginning to hit home to many of our residents.  Despite the constant concern I have voiced about the savage cuts to the public realm services residents are only just beginning to realise that this is not a temporary blip, this is a sign of things to come.

Do I blame our wonderful front line staff? Certainly not, it is the total ignorance of what our residents want and the lack of understanding from our previous Labour Colleagues that has brought us to this unacceptable position. To remove so much funding from, I would argue, one of our most important departments is both foolish and untenable. I have been concerned about the effect this will have on the safety of the Borough.

[pullquote align=”right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]…we have gone from the 2nd safest borough in London to the 7th.[/pullquote]Well having spoken to our new Chief Superintendent we have gone from the 2nd safest borough in London to the 7th. Clearly there is a knock on effect.  When we Conservatives were running the Council the streets and grass verges were pristine.  We started ‘weeks of action’ where numerous areas were cleaned up and issues resolved.  We started Neighbourhood Champions and funded Smartwater to help prevent burglaries. My priority has always been to keep Harrow Clean and Safe and I am mortified every time I venture out and see things getting gradually worse.

I shall be discussing this with Independent Labour because the previous Labour Administration were just not listening

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  1. stephen lewis

    I am also concerned about the disgusting state of our streets, parks and all our open spaces. The former Labour administration should be ashamed of themselves. I should not have to sweep my drive or the pavements after the grass has been cut because presumably the person that blew all of the grass into the road and cleaned up has been made redundant.
    The former Labour councillors hang your heads in shame!!
    Roll on 2014!

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