Feb 20 2013

Susan Says: Dirty Streets Could Attract Foxes

susan_hall_150x150Dear Sir,

Sam Leith (11th February) is correct to suggest that we cannot plan for every eventuality in combatting the increasing menace posed by foxes; but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. And it certainly doesn’t mean we should make things easier for foxes to thrive.

Unfortunately this is precisely what Labour-run Harrow Council will do with their plans to cut residential street cleaning to once every six weeks. All manner of waste builds up on residential streets; from paper litter, to leaves and food waste. And the less often they are cleaned the more likely it is foxes will be attracted by this accumulation of waste.

Even before the recent attack in Lewisham, those of us familiar with urban foxes know the degree to which they can blight our streets and neighbourhoods. Making where we live more attractive to them is reckless and irresponsible, but that’s what Labour are set to do in Harrow.


Cllr. Susan Hall
Leader of the Conservative Group
Harrow Council

Source: Harrow Conservatives (as published in the Evening Standard)

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  1. Melanie

    Councillor Hall is absolutely correct regarding the dangers of foxes and rats now that Labour has decided to cut front line services. Still it’s reassuring to know that the Great Leader and some of his other chums now have ‘Mummy’s Little Helpers’, councillors PAID to hold their hand and make sure they look both ways when they cross the street. We residents in possession of our marbles should keep an eye out for the biggest, most flea ridden rat, Labour are bound to give him a paid job. Maybe he could be the co-ordinator of ‘Mummys’ Little Helpers’!

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