Sep 05 2015

Susan Says: “Labour Break ‘Garden Tax’ Concessions Promise”

susan_hall_2Harrow Council’s Labour administration has been come under renewed fire for breaking a promise to exempt pensioners from its controversial £75 ‘garden tax’ – then denying they ever planned to do as such. Earlier this year, the Council announced that pensioners would not have to pay the £75 charge for the fortnightly garden waste collection, and that disabled residents would receive a substantial discount. However, with changes to the borough’s bin system set to roll out in October, the Council has now announced that only council tax benefit recipients will be entitled to any form of concession. At last night’s meeting of the Council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee, Council Leader Cllr. David Perry denied pensioners had ever been exempt, stating: “At no point… did we say publicly it was for definite. I don’t recall it in the policy document.”

Cllr. Susan Hall, Leader of the Conservative Group, was questioning Cllr. Perry at the meeting, and said: “For months, the Council was advertising on its website that pensioners would be exempt from the garden tax, and that residents with disabilities would receive a discount. Community organisations actually copied the information onto their own sites, even though the Council has since deleted it from its own. And when the decision to introduce the charge went to a special scrutiny meeting in March, we spent 20 minutes discussing at what age and in what circumstances a resident would qualify as a pensioner under the scheme. At no point did any of the Cabinet members or officers challenge the existence of these concessions.”

Cllr. Hall concluded: “Cllr. Perry is shamefully attempting to rewrite history. These concessions were in the business case, they were on the Council’s website for months, and until very recently even the Cabinet fully believed they existed. The £75 charge Labour are levying on Harrow’s residents is bad enough, but breaking promises to some of our more vulnerable residents is even more disgraceful.”

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  1. Elijah Traven

    Labour are trapped in a Tory government world which leaves them constrained on matters of finance. If Councillor Hall were genuine she would work with the Labour administration in Harrow to present a united front to the government so that concessions could be wrought. The truth is that the Tories in local power in boroughs in London and all over the country are the first amongst equals in viciously carry out a slash and burn policy of public services.

  2. Susan Hall

    Errr Elijah, have you bothered to read the above? Labour have promised one thing and gone back on their promises. Nice try to attempt to blame this on the Tory government but it won’t wash. You can’t promise over 30,000 people one thing and then go back on it. It’s dishonest and we Harrow residents deserve better, a lot better than this!

    1. red mirror

      oh and you really care about people and disabled folk dont you susan? answer NO you don’t if you really want to help the good people of harrow mosey on down to the civic centre and find out why harrow council is printing their own summonses for non payment of council tax that is illegal fraudulent and blighting peoples lives not holding my breath for an answer sue i think you know all this and are complicit.

      1. Susan Hall

        Wrong red mirror I am certainly not aware of Harrow Council committing fraud – that is an extremely strong accusation. If you have proof of this I suggest you go to the Leader David Perry (although he is only there on a Tuesday and Thursday) or perhaps better still write to Hugh Peart the Legal Director who is certainly an extremely capable and honest Officer. If you are not prepared to do as such I suggest you withdraw such a strong accusation.

        1. red mirror

          do your homework susan like i have YOU are the one spouting off about harrow council being unfair and misleading .now for your information harrow council hires the magistrates court for bulk hearings and prints mass copies of a generic summons without the clerks printed name A LEGAL REQUIREMENT PLUS WHEN MY FATHER ASKED THE SITTING MAGISTRATE IF HE WAS ACTING ON HIS OATH AT A RECENT HEARING HE REFUSED TO ANSWER AND ABANDONED THE COURT ALL MAGISTRATES MUST ACT UNDER OATH HE DIDN’T ANSWER BECAUSE THE MAGISTRATES ARE ONLY THERE IN A ADMINISTRATIVE CAPACITY susan if you really care about the good folk of harrow EDUCATE yourself on the corporate fraud that is taking place daily if you would like legal facts and further info let me know i can assure you that i can 100 percent prove my allegations.

      2. Someonewhocares

        Yes, red mirror, tell us more! A Summons, by legal definition, has to be from a Court; Are you referring to ‘Liability Orders’?

        1. red mirror

          i am referring to summonses for council tax but for your information the council issues notice of a liability order once again printed by the council FRAUD back to the council tax summons by legal definition it must have a wet signature printed name of the clerk AND THE SEAL OF THE COURT my brother is a lawyer and having seen both the summons and liability notice assured me that they are fake ie not originating from a magistrates court if you would like links or more info let me know whocares i note susan has gone awfully quiet.

  3. Elijah Traven

    The Tories promised 14.5 million people that a major railway link would be built in the north of England as part of the Northern Powerhouse. Less than six weeks after the election this year they scrapped this plan. A quarter of the population of England has been conned. That puts the 30,000 residents of Harrow in perspective. The truth is that councils and governments of all persuasions make promises that they later back down on for all kinds of reasons. You are not naive, you know this is true. Harrow Labour council should set things out so that the whole borough can see how things stand. According to earlier iHarrow report the council is opening up its deliberations to residents of Harrow. This was much welcomed by the attendees. For once the leader of the council was warmly praised.

  4. Elijah Traven

    W must keep the stiff upper lip in the face of the Tory blitzkrieg of public services. The Tories are doing what Hitler couldn’t. Blowing up our society and starving the unemployed to death through cutting their means to buy food. Now they are trying to ban strikes and one of their generals has revealed a plot, a coup to overthrow the democratically elected leader of the Labour Party. How more extreme could Councilllor Hall and her fellow Tories get. It’s like Chile. It’s a nightmare.

    1. Someonewhocares

      Politicians -essentially ALL politicians-promise one thing and then either don’t deliver these or ‘quietly’ change their minds (and don’t tell us this either); It seems they do this because of their oft-defective egos; This apparently allows them they think we are all stupid, or possibly believe we trust their judgement which entitles THEM to decide what WE ‘actually’ need!! It ultimately then becomes a case of ‘degree’ of this particular ailment – as some politicians are obviously much worse than others at believing their own B/S.

  5. Elijah Traven

    Red mirror shouldn’t fall for this old politician trick. We don’t need to supply any legal proof for whet is an acute observation. We hear these kind of observations every day in the House of Commons. We will speak freely without fear of the law breathing down our necks. Don’t withdraw your observation. I believe you are telling the truth. Not only are city councils in effect printing their own summonses but so are housing associations and many other organisations, The government has increasingly devolved such wanton powers to all and sundry. It’s all about shutting us up. The courts are becoming rubber stamp mechanisms as far as dealing with anyone who challenges the authorities. Court powers are now in the hands of those who wanted fast track prosecutions. City councils have been prominent in lobbying for more powers to deal with people they don’t like and side tracking the courts is what the government has allowed them. Red mirror you are speaking truth to power. Do not back down when that power threatens you as Councillor Susan Hall has just done. Let her answer the charge.

    1. red mirror

      elijah my friend i will never back down or stop not when my brothers and sisters are being fleeced and having there lives ruined for not financing corporate wars on sovereign countries which is where the bulk of the unlawful council tax goes listen this country still has the magna carta ie common law which basically is my rights end where yours begin people please research all this and stop being scared of these people they are in reality nothing more than the man behind the curtain in the wizard of oz POWERLESS OK [STAND UP BROTHERS AND SISTERS]

  6. Someonewhocares

    Intriguing, red mirror: But what happens next when folks ignore such a summons/order as ‘illegal’? Yes, any informative links on the matter would be appreciated. I suspect however this is yet another of those cases where the relevant ‘small print’ clearly only applies to US, not THEM?

  7. red mirror

    nothing happens because you have not been summonsed by the magistrates court do you see?the next step is the fake notice of liability order not a true liability order later still the council will then employ debt collectors NOT COURT APPOINTED BAILIFFS THE DEBT COLLECTORS ARE KNOWN AS THIRD PARTY INTERLOPERS AND HAVE NO POWERS WHATSOEVER because there is no contract with them .ANYONE READING THIS IF YOU HAVE BEEN ISSUED A FAKE DOCUMENT FROM HARROW COUNCIL PURPORTING TO BE A COUNCIL TAX SUMMONS TAKE IT TO THE MAGISTRATES COURT AND ASK THEM TO IDENTIFY THE CLERK WHO ISSUED IT i think you will be amazed at the answer .also people ask for a true bill from the council asking for a breakdown of exactly what you are paying for i could go on about there being no contract between you and the council a contract by definition must be signed by two living people the last time i checked harrow council did not have legs and a head.IF you would like i can also inform you on the straw man legal fiction v the living breathing human being .BUT for now please check out mark windows on youtube to get you started then the truly phenomenal mary croft enjoy the journey and don’t stop the rabbit hole goes farther than you ever thought.

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