Feb 14 2014

Susan Says: Labour Group’s Alternative Budget in ‘Mess’

conservative_logoThe alternative budget of Harrow Council’s opposition Labour Group is in tatters today after Labour’s leader appeared to backtrack on a flagship promise. Labour had pledged £400,000 of funding for domestic violence prevention, but were seemingly not aware that the money they had earmarked for it can only be spent on infrastructure projects. At last night’s Cabinet meeting, Labours panicked leader, Cllr. David Perry, refused to commit alternative funding to the proposal – and downgraded the seemingly cast iron promise to “an example of Labour’s different thinking.”

Conservative Leader of the Council Cllr. Susan Hall said: “Domestic violence prevention is an important issue and an extremely worthy cause, which is why it’s even more irresponsible for Labour to promise sizeable funding for it from a source they can’t use. I’m not sure if they were being disingenuous or simply inept, but they didn’t seem aware of the problem – which in the world outside of council budgets is akin to trying to buy groceries with airmiles – until we pointed it out to them.”

During the Cabinet meeting it also emerged that Labour are looking to bring back the position of Council Chief Executive – which was scrapped by the Conservative administration saving nearly £300,000 a year. Cllr Hall added: “It is utterly bizarre for Labour, who claim to protect the needy and vulnerable, to look as a priority to reinstate the highest paid public sector position in Harrow. To put the role back would cost nearly as much as our entire free parking scheme, or half of the extra investment we are putting into social care.”

Cllr Hall concluded: “I asked Cllr Perry to present Labour’s alternative budget in full for debate and discussion at Cabinet, but he refused – despite him grumbling for three months about how we are consulting on our budget. However, given the mess Labour’s budget is already in, I’m starting to see why they want it kept secret until the last possible moment.”

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  1. karia-sanjay

    Regarding the Harrow Labour Party’s budget gaff of using capital money for revenue (domestic policy) -if Labour Leader, Cllr David Perry and his shadow finance portfolio, Cllr Sachin Shah, cannot even manage to understand the difference between capital and revenue budgets how can you trust them to run the Council especially when Harrow faces a £60+ million shortfall ?

  2. Susan Hall

    I think the short answer it that they cannot be trusted with the budget!

    1. Harrow Dude

      Susie, oh the irony of your short reply. You and your assemblage are no more trustworthy so don’t get on your tall pony quite so quickly. The residents of Harrow would still like to know how you are funding the numerous amounts of agency staff it has taken to achieve the miraculous transformation we have seen across the borough in the last few months.

      Surely the amount of agency staff required identifies a huge shortfall in staffing levels. How are you going to address this as your Council has no plans to recruit staff in fact your Council intend to make redundancies.

      Are you going to rely on agency staff indefinitely and at what cost You can only rob Peter to pay Paul for so long then it all comes tumbling down, we all remember the New Harrow Project.

      What with the estimated £541,000 a year in pay-and -display income and £310,000 in fines from parking tickets that you will lose for your 20mins free parking attempt to garner votes you have constantly failed to tell use how you intend to fund all of the things you say that you do.

      Come on Susie tell us how you are going to do this after all axing the post of Chief Exec only saved you £280K a year where is the rest coming from?

  3. John Clement

    The council should just concentrate on core services. Each of these type of schemes usually spend 95% of the money on huge salaries for relatives, friends & political colleagues (especially Labour councils) for about 2 days work a week, and leave enough money left over for a couple of posters.

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