Jul 14 2014

Susan says: Labour ‘Owe Residents Apology’ as Harrow Hit Hard by Strike

susan_hall_2Harrow Council’s ruling Labour Group should apologise to residents for the impact of last week’s strike, after the borough was hit much harder than neighbouring Hillingdon. The Conservative opposition have pointed to Labour’s Leader Cllr. David Perry endorsing the strikes as a major reason why hundreds of staff took part in industrial action, disrupting various key services. It is also understood that the Labour Group’s own office took part in the strike – thereby making it harder for concerned residents to get in touch with Labour councillors.

Conservative Group Leader Cllr. Susan Hall said: “By backing the strikes, Cllr. Perry and his Labour Group made it clear they are not on the side of Harrow’s residents, and gave free rein to their union friends to cause chaos. Over 600 staff were on strike, bins weren’t collected, streets weren’t cleaned, 15 schools were closed and special needs transport services were severely compromised. Contrast this with Hillingdon – where fewer than 90 staff were on strike and only 4 services were affected – and it’s quite clear Labour owe Harrow residents an apology for making an already bad situation even worse.”

Despite it meaning a two-week wait for some residents, the Council currently has no plans to run additional collections for bins that weren’t collected. Cllr. Hall added: “We’re not talking about just few bins here – but nearly 20,000 of them which are likely full, and which are going to be left to fester for a fortnight in the summer heat. I’m somewhat fortunate that, even though it was already full, it was my blue recycling bin which was missed – but for thousands of residents it’s their green bins that weren’t collected. If it helps, I would remind those residents that food waste can go in the brown bins instead.”

20140714_outraged_susan_hallCllr. Hall concluded: “Labour’s endorsement of this strike has left Harrow exposed to more industrial action in the future, with unions thinking they can get away with it. And it’s our residents who are, quite literally in some cases, being left to clean up the mess.”

The Council’s comment on the mess:


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  1. Awula Serwah

    Most  people  I  have  spoken  to  think  it’s  right  for  the  Labour  Group  to  stand  with  workers.
    We  were  told  we  were  in  it  together,  but  workers  (some  earn less than £20,000 a year and are  struggling  to  make  ends  meet ) have  been  offered  a  1%  increase,  and  Parliamentarians  who  I  understand  earn  a  basic annual  salary  of  £67.060  exclusive  of  expenses  have  awarded  themselves  an  11%  increase.

    It might be helpful to focus on how we can all encourage employers to address the grievances of workers.

  2. Harrow Dude

    Susie, Susie, Susie, remember that talk we had about less spin and more facts…
    You keep insisting that ““By backing the strikes, Cllr. Perry and his Labour Group made it clear they are not on the side of Harrow’s residents.”

    What he actually said was ““We recognise the unions’ right to strike, although we also recognise the impact this will have on local residents.”

    As the democratically elected leader of the London Borough of Harrow he has acknowledged that Harrow’s employees have the right to strike, which of course they do as lawful industrial action is permitted in British law. You may not ‘approve’ and you can play to the gallery all you like but the fact remains this was a national strike even you couldn’t have stopped it if you ‘were’ the elected leader.

    The questions that you always choose not to answer and the things you don’t condemn speak volumes, for instance the Fire Brigade Union took strike action and Metropolitan Police staff picketed at Parliament and New Scotland Yard on Thursday but I presume that you don’t wish to upset your mates.

    Nice pose with the bin by the way but you need to work on looking more disgruntled, I suggest hands on both hips and a more furrowed brow…

  3. Susan Hall

    Hello Gazza you should do your homework, I am not happy that the Fire Brigade Union calls constant strike action either, and I say so and they constantly lambaste me – so be it. I will stand up and say what I think and it is frequently the thoughts of the general public. As for our Police they do not strike they are not allowed to, we would all be in deep trouble if they did. As for referring to my ‘mates’ I have always had a good relationship with the public realm workers, we should support the work of our front line officers. What I do not support is strike action as it just makes life difficult for the many of us that choose not to strike and the majority in the private sector who cannot. As for the furrowed brow I save that for when I talk to you!

  4. j p hobbs

    Oh well the Rats will be happy and Harrow is running alive with them , just take a look behind Iceland early morning as I did looking for some cardboard boxes , hundreds of the little blighters munching away at bread rolls all wearing red rosettes .

  5. Gary

    Dear J.P Hobbs, the reason why rats are so prominent is for one reason, when the local authority conducted water service and drainage the Environmental services used to bait sewer entrances however this was privatised under a previous conservative government. the private providers on maximising their profits stopped baiting these areas which of course had a major impact on the pest control element of their contract and alas the rats flourished.

  6. j p hobbs

    How long ago was that Gary ? just the year will do .

  7. Gary

    Dear Mr Hobbs I believe if you view the water Act 1989 plus the CIEH statements on sewer baiting then you may ascertain the privatisation agenda. also if we view the conservative governments privatisation agenda we have to look no further than the energy companies whose exorbitant inflated percentage profit margins are gained at the detriment of working class citizens and old age pensioners. you appear to be wearing rose tinted glasses, maybe this is the real reason for mistaking a red rosette for a true blue rosette, and of course not forgetting that Margret Thatcher the true Milk snatcher protected the gentry of this country from the abuse scandal.

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