Apr 30 2014

Susan Says: Labour Will Scrap Neighbourhood Champions

susan_hall_leaderThe manifesto of Harrow Council’s Labour Group has revealed that, if elected in May 2014, the Group will scrap the Council’s popular Neighbourhood Champions scheme – replacing it with ‘Community Champions’. The manifesto offers no further details on the plans, though makes clear that scrapping the scheme would be a priority in a Labour administration’s first year. Over 1,000 residents are now trained Neighbourhood Champions, and help look after their streets by reporting issues and problems back to the Council.

Conservative Leader of the Council Cllr. Susan Hall said: “It’s genuinely disgraceful, and a massive slap in the face to over a thousand residents who already serve as Neighbourhood Champions – as well as hundreds more who have expressed an interest or who are awaiting training. Just what do Labour hate so much about the idea of people being good neighbours and taking pride in where they live?”

[pullquote align=”left” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]It’s Official: Labour Will Scrap Neighbourhood Champions[/pullquote]On the proposed replacement ‘Community Champions’, Cllr. Hall said: “The lack of detail is telling, but it sounds like Labour want to cherry pick people they are prepared to work with from Harrow’s various communities. Whereas Neighbourhood Champions is straightforward – one Champion per street – Labour’s alternative smacks of secrecy, jobs for the boys and opportunities for favouritism.”

Cllr. Hall concluded: “Labour have had it in for Neighbourhood Champions since the Conservatives launched it back in 2009 – their then Leader saying he’d divert the money to other projects. They neglected it for 3 years when they were in power – seeing the numbers plummet – and then tried to cut the extra money we put into the scheme as part of our budget in February. Labour say nice things about Neighbourhood Champions when it suits them, but have strangled it at every opportunity behind the scenes – and now make clear their plans to kill it off once and for all!”

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  1. garth

    awaiting training now that sounds odd susie and smacks of a covert agenda dare i say big society and agenda 21 also iclei since when do people need training to be a good neighbor maybe a heavy dose of re framing and nlp at the civic is what you are referring to saul alinski would be rubbing hes hands together oh and by the way are you comfortable with your dear leader mr Cameron receiving money from a former arms dealer .

  2. Susan Hall

    Garth, your posting above shows how very little you know about our wonderful Neighbourhood Champions. Instead of constantly using this site to snipe at me why don’t you do something worth while and become a Neighbourhood Champion – although of course your party would abolish them – shame on them

  3. garth

    my party ? no no no susan poli and poly means many and tics are blood suckers if you dont like criticism maybe you stick to flower arranging and coffee mornings.

  4. Concerned Harrovian


    What a sexist remark to make to suggest women are only capable of making coffee and flower arranging! They can of course do both those things easily and so much more. Please tell us which party you support so the women in Harrow can boycott it in the elections. Your party could do with your support like a hole in the head as I imagine you alienate women voters.

    Perhaps you are a double agent and a secret Conservative supporter whose aim is to be so obnoxious that you guarantee that everyone will avoid other any other party and will vote Conservative.

    Would you like the women in Harrow to give you tuition on how to make a cup of coffee for your partner or how to buy and arrange flowers for her?. Bet your fragile,macho, male ego is not up to the challenge. Grow up sonny Jim and smell the coffee. Harrow women are achievers.

    1. garth

      sonny jim? i would advise you rather than feel the need to respond to me take a while and investigate your feelings why are you angry? introspect is it knee jerk ? what is it that makes you feel so threatend i think you will be amazed the true reason just as a side note i dont drink coffee for i dont support slave labor or exploitation but please enjoy yous im sure its delicious

  5. sonoo malkani

    I cannot believe Garth has such a complex and thrives on putting women down.Feel so sorry for him.It seems he cannot resist slagging people off(both men and women are Champions)and attacking the excellent work our volunteers are doing as Neighbourhood Champs.

    He has,however, been extremely adept at one thing —alienating swathes of women as well as ALL our Neighbourhood Champions and their supporters—who receive the benefit of their service.Not a useful tactic.

    He seems very frustrated that this has been running so successfully and is being copied by many other boroughs.Garth,do you really need to use such foul language and speak so rudely if you disagree with something or really dislike somebody?You can make your point gracefully.You know,people are far more receptive when we conduct ourselves respectfully.

    You must have heard the saying–“IF YOU CAN’T BEAT THEM,JOIN THEM”!Works wonders.
    Try it.

  6. garth

    sonoo you must have heard the saying the truth doesent fear investigation all i do is ask questions seeking clarity and truth if you find that offensive you are in a very dark place you dont seem to reailse the encroaching orwellian nightmare that is just aruond the corner women have equal rights yes? but we musnt question them? not a good tactic _there are none so blind as those who cannot see buy some glasses sonoo and enlighten yourself as to whats really going on instead of just sycophantically fauning at the feet of susie

  7. sonoo malkani

    You’re a good one asking others to buy glasses when you can’t see the wood from the trees yourself and are busy,yet again,compulsively slagging another female off.So predictable!

    You really do HATE women and feel threatened by them,don’t you?You have a troubled mind and need help.Women aren’t monsters from another planet but the nurturers of all humanity.

    You need not live in fear that women be granted EQUAL RIGHTS.We have the same feelings and needs as you and richly deserve fair treatment and rewards.Do us all a favour,and get some counselling please!You will be pleasantly surprised how good it feels to accept ALL human beings as equals.

    Of course,we don’t tremble in front of men,especially bullies,but stand up tall and face them boldly.May I remind you,very humbly, that “the hand that rocks the cradle,rules the world.”.Hope you don’t hate the power MUMS have as well. It was “ordained “–not home-spun.

    Nor do we fall at anyone’s feet—“sycophantically fauning “—-except to pray sincerely,in all humility,in front of the ALMIGHTY,for Divine Guidance.and Peace,for ALL of us.

    Just for the record,we ALL seek the truth and want the facts.No need imagine you are the only one who is “enlightened”!There are millions out there who know far more than any of us but are far too wise to blow their own trumpet.

    Something for all of us to ponder.

  8. Concerned Harrovian


    I suggest you take up Sonoo Malkani’s suggestion and go for therapy as you obviously feel threatened by women. Maybe you need to get in touch with your feminine side. if you look on Harrow.gov website you will notice that many of Harrow’s councillors are women.

    By the way it was your suggestion that women hold coffee mornings so you obviously are suggesting that you approve of slave labour.

    Rather than quoting Orwell I suggest you read about Carl Jung. Carl Jung says “Everything that irritates us about others can lead to an understanding of ourselves”

    If you can, with the help of a therapist, identify why you feel so threatened by women you may be able to resolve your issues and lead a happier life.

  9. garth

    i do not hate women you are incorrect just because i dare raise questions of a woman you deem that hatred i must say thats very twisted logic even in your world sonoo i fancy you hate men though and have a secret jealousy towards us is that it sonoo? i think maybe you are gender confused but dont worry a good psychologist might be able to help i love women we couldnt live without them i treasure the divine feminine very much thats why i hate to see it subverted and misused sonoo you must understand the womens movement serves a very differnt agenda so god bless you and i hope you find the help you need.

  10. garth

    once again you misunderstand harrovian jung was a brilliant man not without his demons though might i suggest you read alan watts for a more in depth understanding of self . now why are you so threatend by me asking questions is it the answers that you cannot or will not provide that scare you . the truth is eveyones ally wether you realise it or not i am willing to help you find some stasis in your thought process but you must stop misenterpreting information through the biased filters of your mind be objective not reactive.

  11. Concerned Harrovian


    I notice in your comment you use the word ‘wether’. I think this is a Freudian slip on your part because (if you look in the dictionary) the word without an ‘h’ means a castrated ram.

  12. garth

    a reference to male genetalia hmmm interesting now i wonder if thats a complex you are harbouring prehaps a lack of or a longing for either way i feel sorry for you that your mind defaults to the base of things a cold shower or a good walk might purge your mind failing that try self flagilation with the harrow times whilst chanting i am not worthy .

  13. sonoo malkani

    I cannot believe Garth can stoop to make such base comments and talk in such a disgusting manner.and has said such absurd things about Concerned Harrovian.Takes all sorts!He ought to take some of his own advice.

    By the by,I get on extremely well with men and have no fear of either men or women.At least be original in your suggestions Garth and stop being a silly copy-cat.

  14. garth

    eh? please make sure you take your meds sonoo we dont want you getting sectioned now do we.

  15. Concerned Harrovian

    A quick and easy way to demolish the council owned garages is to get groups of women to stand in front of the garages and let them know what Garth says about himself. The vibrations from the gales of laughter would bring down the walls of Jericho never mind Harrow garages.

    He is so deluded that he thinks that women need to take cold showers and flagellation to avoid thinking about his genitalia. Dream on laddie and I suggest you spell genitalia correctly. I suggest if he were to indulge in flagellation he uses any publications by Alan Watts. He should study serious philosophers such as David Hume or Baruch Spinoza not lightweights such as Alan Watts. .

    I suspect Garth’s delusions may arise from probably following the practice of Alan Watts to indulge in the taking of copious amounts of alcohol and mescaline..

    Regarding his comments about Susan Hall and female councillors, methinks he doth protest too much and harbours a secret desire to fall at the feet of women in authority hence his Freudian slip about wether.

    Please tell us which political party you support so we can all boycott it when we vote.

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