Dec 31 2016

Susan Says: Labour’s Plan to Scrap Car Parks an “Absolute Disgrace”

Leader of the Harrow Conservative Group, Cllr Susan Hall, takes Labour to task for their plans to build over car parks in Harrow, reducing the town centre to gridlock as residents and shoppers hunt for places to park.


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  1. Mr T Mills

    Is LBH missing a trick here. If there is no place to park, the big spenders will go elsewhere. Harrow shopping is not much of a draw anyway. Are they counting on the chickens in the new 22 storey minimal parking coop buying locally?
    In Pinner, Sainsbury’s will be OK as they have their own car park, but M&S will be hit hard. They might close. Or they might come to an arrangement with LBH as regards finance to keep the car park open. I sense a possible Mexican Standoff here.

  2. Sonoo Malkani

    Parking is already difficult in Harrow and these proposals will only destroy the Town Centre shopping.Harrow cannot afford the loss of trade.LBH needs to get their thinking caps on again and come up with a more logical plan.

  3. Concerned Harrovian

    People will vote with their feet/cars and go to Watford instead. There are rumours that Debenhams is to close. This would be a death knell for Harrow. It will be a ghost town. The usual response is that Harrow has good transport links but have the councillors tried to carry home a week’s shopping or heavy items on public transport. Also anyone with mobility issues will find it difficult to shop in Harrow.

  4. Someonewhocares

    Not great sound quality on your vid. SH but you make some very fair points: Perhaps you should also ask our Leaders to try to do a ‘shopping run for four’ on their bikes and then they may better understand? Never mind, as others have indicated we can all just drive to those areas (outside Harrow) where they actually understand the long-irreversible effects of cars instead?

  5. DaveS

    If Harrow ever sorted out its rediculous and awkward bus system more pleople could get to the shops more easily. I raised this with Bob Blackman at the 2010 hustings – nothing happened. What affects the attractivenes of the shopping is that they are dominated by corporate clones who have driven out the independent, interesting and more honest shops.
    The real pressures come from central govt but with no funding.
    Has SH never heard of global warming?

  6. Susan hall

    I apologise that the sound is not as good as we would like, we recorded on a phone. We are trying to get information to residents in any which way we can. The amount of building that is going on with no parking provision will lead to real problems in Harrow. Labour Councillors are not listening and by the time all the planning permission goes through there will be nothing left that we can do. Harrow will be destroyed. Your points are completely correct and we have made them but they fall on deaf ears. Iconic views of St Mary’s church on the Hill will be obliterated from many angles by high rise buildings. The roads will be gridlocked and car parks are disappearing. Over 1000 clicks on this video on facebook has ensured that more people are aware of what is going on so we will continue to do them. Harrow residents need to know what this Labour run Council is doing to our Borough.

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