May 15 2017

Susan Says: Not all lessons are learnt in the Classroom – Great News from Avanti House School

Not all lessons are learnt in the Classroom – Great News from Avanti House School

It is always great to hear positive news, and even more so when it is close to home. I have recently been informed of some fantastic work that has been taking place at Avanti House School. Children, Parents and Teachers of  Avanti House school worked hard to bring together a large collection of food items to mark Red Nose Day and Downs Syndrome week.

A number of weeks ago, members of the School Council visited a local food bank and felt inspired to take action. The school council voted unanimously to make a collection and raise awareness for the issue. Members of staff at the food bank have expressed their gratitude to the children and due to its success there are plans for the school to conduct another collection.

The children learnt a lot from their visit to the food bank and how there are a lot of basic food items and household goods they take for granted. They also learnt and saw first hand how communities can work together to help those in need. This inspired the children to act with great compassion and empathy to do their bit. Not all lessons are  learnt in the classroom.

This is further proof that when we work together we can achieve great things. Well done and thank you Avanti House School, you have made Harrow proud!

Councillor Susan Hall
Leader of the Conservative Group

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  1. Praxis Reform

    Hopefully they weren’t told the same lies that I was at school, namely that politicians take an interest in the problems of local constituents.

    Instead, with respect to food banks, we’ve seen an approximately 700% increase in food banks, from 56 in 2010 to 427 in 2017 (Source: Trussell trust).

    A figure that directly relates to a corrupt Conservative government, that put the interests of it’s incompetent (but generous political donor) friends in Banking etc. before the interests of those claiming welfare or in low paid jobs.

    I suspect most right thinking people wouldn’t inflict that sort of human rights abuse on criminals, yet according to the Trussell trust, food bank use continues to rise:

  2. Sonoo Malkani

    Great to know our young students are learning about the value of helping others who ma be less fortunate and setting a very good example.Well done.Avanti School.Your efforts are much appreciated.

  3. West Harrow Willie

    They’ll need the food in that food bank for themselves after the Tories have scrapped their free hot lunches!!

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