Dec 09 2014

Susan Says: Plans by @harrow_council for £75 Brown Bin Charge ‘Backwards’

susan_hallA proposal to charge residents for bin collection put forward by Harrow Council’s Labour administration has been blasted as a “stealth” tax increase by the Conservative opposition.

The administration’s draft budget contains a proposal to charge each Harrow household £75 a year for the collection of their brown bins – currently used to dispose of both garden and food waste. However, the new proposal would see food waste collected from a separate caddy, with the charged-for brown bins used for garden waste only – and collected fortnightly instead of on a weekly basis. The plan has been criticised not only for the additional charge being placed on residents, but for possibly leading to less recycling – which will cost the Council more in landfill charges.

Cllr. Susan Hall, Leader of the Conservative Group and Environment spokesman said: “For many households having their bins collected is the only direct contact they have with the Council. It’s also a service many people quite reasonably expect to be covered by the sizeable amount of council tax they pay in Harrow, so for Labour to charge £75 for the privilege is effectively a council tax increase by stealth – in fact it’s an additional 5% on the average bill!”

Cllr. Hall added: “We are also concerned that stopping the brown bin collection could lead to more people with no other option putting their garden waste in the green bins. This will result in more waste being sent to landfill instead of being recycled, which is bad for the environment and will actually cost the Council (and therefore residents) more money. I’ve even been contacted by residents saying they’re less likely to be good neighbours because of this – as many of them currently sweep up the leaves from Council-owned trees and put them in their brown bins. They’ve said they’re not going to help the Council out anymore if this charge comes in, and I can’t say I blame them. It’s backwards step by an increasingly backwards administration.”

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  1. Yogesh

    Is this stealth tax or back door entry to raise the council tax?. If it is done in this manner, then it will allow this Labour Administration to further raise the council tax. Won’t it? Won’t they?

  2. sonoo malkani

    There’s NO WAY people will recycle more and do what we have been encouraged to do— help the environment,support Harrow Council in keeping costs down.This is what the “RUBBISH DIET” advocated so effectively and vigorously.We were categorically told that we must reduce the long train of rubbish for going to land refills which costs us a small fortune and not throw away our cash mindlessly.What a u-turn!

    I simply cannot understand ANYBODY wanting to punish us—-that is precisely how it feels– for co-operating,being responsible citizens,giving up our week-ends attending seminars and what-not at considerable cost to tax-payers to learn to RE-CYCLE MORE.

    We had accepted this as a wise investment,taking the long-range view,that these were forward-looking moves.Now it seems we are going in REVERSE. To add insult to injury, we have been told that our Council Tax is definitely going up!!LESS SERVICE FOR MORE MONIES extracted from hard-pressed Harrovians.

    Many of us,pensioners and several groups on limited incomes ,are already struggling with our budgets.We certainly did not expect a slap in our faces for giving a helping hand.Feels like Harrow Council has launched a winter of discontent.They have already earmarked FOUR LIBRARIES for Closure.Now we have this additional headache about the Brown Bin Charge.
    The £75 charge for emptying our Brown Bins is really an exorbitant rate and most unfair at a time when people are already finding it hard to deal with heating and other household expenses.

    What a nasty Christmas “gift”.People will remember this for a very long time.

    I have my doubts anybody will bother to recycle actively now.The Council has made their own bed and will have to lie in it.Sadly,we will all reap the consequences of their thoughtless actions
    God help Harrow..

  3. j p hobbs

    If Postal votes go in the brown bin it may be worth £75 .

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