Oct 15 2013

Susan Says: Rayner’s Lane 20-minute Free Parking

susan_hall_leaderOur article yesterday on the Rayner’s Lane free-parking trial prompted this comment from Council Leader Susan Hall in response.

Cllr Susan Hall, leader of Harrow Council, said: “This is not the end of free parking in Harrow by any stretch of the imagination. We will look at it again, but it needs to be on the right platform – for example including payment by phone or other forms of technology – and to be part of a broader mix of measures to encourage visitors and help local businesses.”

She continued: “The Rayners Lane trial was hastily introduced over the summer, has proven difficult to manage in practice and is having a negligible impact on encouraging footfall. Additionally, the proposed scheme would cost much more than anticipated if rolled out borough-wide, and would leave the Council with on-going and significant financial obligations.”

Concluding, she said: “In the meantime, motorists in Harrow are still getting a good deal on parking with one hour costing from just 30p.”

Thursday night’s cabinet meeting will be the place that a decision is made.

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  1. cllr krishna james

    Could Susan please enlighten us where these 30p per hour places are. I am sure residents will all step out to do their shopping in those area. I clearly remember that while being a portfolio holder for environment Susan took away the One hour free parking in Peel rd car park in my ward Marlborough.ILG led by Cllr Thaya-I was trying to standardize and make it fair. Plus with free parking helping our small business

    1. King David

      Cllr James. one of the key factors in Tories losing in 2010 against the trend and expectations in harrow was their ridiculous out of touch decisions about CPZ and inability to manage infighting. It was Susan Hall who could not differentiate between following through on some decisions and actually listening to local concerns about CPZ and others, alienating voluntary sector. Remember various ill thought out CPZ that Tories pushed through and cuts to voluntary sector some of them were lost by council on judicial review. Now history seems to repeat itself with bottling on popular and rightly supportive 20 minutes free parking, politically motivated flash musical call in to please the labour party, rhetoric without common sense about minor ipad trial and she has just started. there is a fine line in being bold and stupid.Tories have not learnt from their past experience in Harrow. They are at their best when they spend according to community needs with careful financial control but allow flexibility. At the moment no flexibilty no foresight no political judgement to think about 2014 election scenario. have i mentioned the possibility that their administration could potentially be challenged in court and their deal with labour party when constitution was torn apart exposed politically and judicially? do they have back up plan if labour makes a move since the precedent has been set by Susanz lust for power. Tories need to think carefully very carefully as they do not have majority to carry their decisions or budget and any decision can be brought to challenge in various ways. If that happens they could lose key vote on an important items including budget and if that happens leadership could be at risk so think before getting ahead of yourself for the sake of residents rather than bullish typical political response. Think.

  2. King David

    Susan making policy decisions through media? This item yet to go to the cabinet? She should go and ask rayners lane shoppers and traders. in fact lets have a referendum to see what people think rather than hiding behind inaccuarate spin. Tories need to learn to see beyond street cleaning for which she has found money from somewhere!

  3. King David

    Businesses need real help like 20 minutes free parking that increases footfall, increases local economic activity, help our shopping parades and save money for local shoppers for short vist. Ask the traders, real people, rather than hiding behind armchair policy makers in civic with no local stake. Brace for more shop and business closures and loss of earning in business rates for council. Welcome to Tory harrow : No practical tangible financial support for local businesses just political rhetoric and managing comms.

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