Mar 07 2013

Susan Says: Stoodley! Pay Attention!

susan_hall_150x150Dear Editor,

Cllr. William Stoodley has been asking questions about the ‘Fair Deal for Harrow’ campaign, and is keen to know our view on it. Clearly he missed our letter last month, so we’ll remind him; we think that a sensible debate on Harrow’s grant funding is needed. Harrow receives around £450 less than the outer London average, and our Conservative administration ran a similar campaign in 2007-08. We supported the goals of a Fair Deal-related motion at February’s Council meeting because we think it right Harrow’s position is looked at.

However, we still have concerns about how poorly Labour is arguing Harrow’s case. In comparing us with Brent – a borough which suffers far more deprivation – and talking about ‘inner London problems’, Labour are in danger of talking Harrow down. We are of the view that the Government is less likely to listen to a case which is a blend of exaggeration and worst case scenarios.

Additionally, we think the argument for Harrow needing more funding was weakened by Labour turning down nearly £1 million to assist in freezing council tax and over £300,000 to assist with the localisation of council tax benefit. Labour has defended these decisions, but in our view an argument to the Government of ‘we need more money, just not that money’ is a difficult one for Harrow to make. The poverty of Labour’s decisions since winning control of the Council in 2010 – such as out-sourcing the Council’s IT to Capita at a cost of over £2 million per year – has given Harrow a wasteful reputation which also works against the case for obtaining greater funding.

Having answered Cllr. Stoodley’s question, we have one for him; why was he not at February’s Council meeting? Surely as Cabinet Assistant for Finance – for which he receives an extra allowance – Cllr. Stoodley should have attended the Council meeting which passed Labour’s budget?


Cllr. Susan Hall (Conservative Group Leader)
Cllr. Barry Macleod-Cullinane (Conservative Group Deputy Leader)
Harrow Council

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  1. Morepowertothepeople

    You cannot really argue with what Susan Hall has said, does rather weaken Labours argument somewhat! Cllr Stoodley over to you!

  2. We received a comment from Cllr Will Stoodley, which is below:

    I love the first line in the last paragraph of Susan Hall’s reply to my piece a few articles below, quote: “Having answered Cllr. Stoodley’s question”… Susan it is YOU who needs to PAY ATTENTION! My question is WHY is BOB BLACKMAN not supporting the campaign to get Harrow a fairer grant, and what is your Group’s position on THAT!! They have a saying in the British Army Susan – “RTFQ”. It stands for “Read the question”, which clearly you didn’t! I know what you and your entourage think (!), it’s BOB BLACKMAN’s view on it that I am interested in (as well as YOUR view on HIS view, as opposed to your view on the campaign per se) and I have no intention of letting my former Red House chum off the hook!

    Having said that it was a very good piece that raised some interesting points and exercised the duty that the opposition party has to challenge the incumbent administration; a credit indeed to a party in opposition, but probably also reflecting WHY that party is in opposition! I would however dispute the allegation Susan makes in her piece that “In comparing us with Brent – a borough which suffers far more deprivation – and talking about ‘inner London problems’, Labour are in danger of talking Harrow down”. The point is NOT whether or not Brent deserves more than us, since of course they do for the reasons Susan states; the point is surely we deserve more than half of what they receive. How we go about achieving that is of course open to discussion, and I would like to hear Bob Blackman’s view on that! As well as an answer to my original question – why isn’t Bob Blackman supporting the campaign for a fairer grant for Harrow? Clearly Susan’s piece does not address that question in any shape, way or form so I say to Susan again – “RTFQ”!! Perhaps she would like another go?

    I, on the other hand, CAN read a question so am delighted to answer Susan’s. The blond bumbling buffoon Boris Johnson didn’t have his work completed on time and so had to delay the date at which he sets the precept, resulting at the eleventh hour in Harrow Council having to change the date of the February meeting from the date that had been published and advertised for over a year, and a date that I had deliberately kept clear in my diary. The following Thursday I was already pre-engaged with other arrangements that had been made months earlier and that I was unable to extrapolate myself from. But you’re right Susan – I should have been there because, knowing how completely and utterly incompetent Tories are in general, and Boris Johnson is in particular, I should have pre-empted the fact that he wouldn’t have all the necessary work done on time and I should have had the foresight to keep the whole of February free; and March; and April; and probably May!

  3. Morepowertothepeople

    If I have read the above right then I am offended by this Cllr Stoodley for mostly appearing to be on a vitriolic attack against posters on here, and what appears to allude to swearing in his post above! I for one would like the above comments removed, and until he behaves in a more responsible manner I would perhaps suspend any comments on here of his for awhile?

  4. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    @Morepowertothepeople – I told you already – anonymous commentators have no rights. If you were really that offended you’d strike your colours and report me to Standards – but you’re a COWARD hiding behind you’re anonymity so you’d never do that – I’ll stake £100 on it. Paul and I have the guts to have a go at each other and a go about politics without hiding behind a cloak of cowardly anonymity, AND we’re mature enough to treat it for what it is and not take it personally – why can’t you?!

    You have some serious issues I think…

  5. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    That should read “your” with NO apostrophe (!) [Grammar, Willy).

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