Dec 19 2012

Susan Says: Trident Point Conditions ‘Totally Unacceptable’

susan_hall_150x150Faults and problems at a new apartment development in Harrow are continuing, over six months after they were first reported. Residents of the Trident Point development in Pinner Road (pictured below) have been without properly functioning lifts since July, and communal areas and stairwells often remain uncleaned. The Leader of the Council’s Conservative Group attended a residents’ meeting on 17th December, and described the situation as “totally unacceptable.”

Cllr. Susan Hall said: “These poor residents have suffered for months, and the response from the various contractors responsible for the building has been totally unacceptable. Some of the residents are elderly or disabled, while others have very young children or babies. They have been without properly working lifts, with 40-50 breakdowns occurring since they moved in months ago, and have had to haul themselves up and down dirty stairwells as a result. I’ve even heard of multiple incidents of the lifts failing with people in them, which is both frightening for those involved and raises serious safety concerns.”

Cllr. Hall continued: “I’ve been in close contact with Metropolitan Housing, who are responsible for letting the apartments. Their initial keenness to resolve these issues has been unsuccessful, and residents and myself are now being treated to excuses instead of action from contractors. I really feel for the residents; they only moved into their new homes a matter of months ago, and now they’re being constantly let down and ignored. I hope they’ll get
the breakthrough and the response they need and deserve with Christmas right around the corner.”


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