Jan 24 2014

Susan Says: Under One Sky…

susan_hall_pinup-150x150Cllr. Susan Hall, Leader of the Council, said: “I am immensely proud of what Harrow has achieved and of what our borough has become in the 60 years since its founding, and I am sorry that Cllr. Perry is evidently not of the same view. The 60th Anniversary event will be an opportunity for residents to revel in all that’s great and good about our borough, while also bringing everyone together to celebrate the founding of the place we all choose to call home.

Cllr. Perry would do well to remember that he and Labour cancelled Under One Sky in 2012. Even with the Olympics taking up some of the summer, he could have held Under One Sky during dozens of other weekends if he valued it as much as he now claims.”

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  1. I'mLovin'it

    Nice one Susie – David Perry hide your head in shame !

  2. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    Actually that’s spin and Susan knows it – Boris said no spare police for the whole of the Olympics, which was effectively the whole of the summer; and no one knew that up until a few weeks before the Olympics started. So although in theory possible (with an unlimited budget that is) it was in actual fact impossible to hold the event in a decent-weather period that year.

  3. Linda Robinson

    The other day my postman delivered two letters through my letter box, from Cllrs. David Perry, Margaret Davine and Navin Shah. Both were identical, posted together, in separate envelopes showing a Civic Centre return address, addressed exactly the same in the same person’s handwriting to an organisation which hasn’t used this address for many, many years, with the same salutation “Dear Mrs Robinson” in the selfsame handwriting again.

    What were these letters about? It’s an appeal from the Labour Group to sign a petition to “save Under 1 Sky”. Four colour printed paper copies of the petition were enclosed in each envelope, returnable by FREEPOST to Harrow Labour’s Byron Road office.

    Not only does this prove once again how outdated are the mailing lists used by the council, but worse is the profligate waste of money and paper in using these ancient lists to send out unsolicited Labour Party propaganda and, worse still, getting somebody so incompetent to do it that they don’t even realise when they’ve written the same address and greeting twice on the same day!

    I’m not sure who’s paying for this duplicatedly futile exercise, but I hope it’s not me and my fellow council tax payers. Will I be signing the petition – of course not, because I saw how Under One Sky had become less of a community event under Labour, and more of a money grabbing opportunity for the council to blow its own trumpet. Will I be voting Labour after they’ve thanked me for my “continued support”? What do you think?

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