Aug 07 2014

Susan Says: World War One – We Must Never Forget

susan_hall_2Dear Editor,

When Wilfred Owen wrote “what candles may be held to speed them”, he couldn’t have envisioned that the centenary of the war of which he wrote would be commemorated with the lightning of millions of candles nationwide – as they were on Monday night.

The First World War was said to be the first to touch every family in Britain – indeed both my grandfathers fought and thankfully survived. Yet with over a dozen wars and over thirty conflicts being waged across the world today, it is tempting to be cynical about acts of remembrance.

However, thinking of those who suffered and died can, of itself, defeat such cynicism. Remembrance reminds us both of those we’ve lost and that war is not the hallmark of a bygone era – a distant tragedy with nameless victims. But that it remains in our world today – destroying lives, families, communities and nations. That is why we must never forget.


Cllr. Susan Hall
Harrow Council

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  1. Someonewhocares

    Fine words but sadly the real thing not to forget is that war rarely achieves anything except death for many innocent citizens of those countries afflicted by it. The ‘Great War’ as it was known had some 14 million victims, and the Second WW over 40 million. The other thing not to forget is that it is failure by politicians to take steps early enough to prevent such atrocities….

  2. keith.rookledge

    Well said Susan

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