Apr 20 2012

SusanSays: Ken Livingston’s Thoughts about Merging London Boroughs?

The latest proposal emerging from Livingston is that he would like to merge boroughs in London. At a meeting of the West London Business Forum on 28th February 2012 Ken said ‘I don’t think they are the right size for purpose now. I’d sweep the lot away and have five large sliced boroughs with real powers.’ This follows on from the previous proposals of Livingstone for the London Boroughs to be abolished and replaced with five ‘sub-regional’ councils.

Susan Hall, Leader of the Conservatives in Harrow said “This potential grab for power is proof that Ken Livingstone doesn’t care about listening to local voices, as super boroughs would stifle local opinion and make it much easier for politicians to ignore local issues. Ken hasn’t thought of the technical implications, such as merging or administering the finances of these councils. The associated costs would also be enormous; the process itself would be an administrative nightmare. It’s a recipe for total chaos.”

Ken Livingstone’s plan would strike a hammer blow to Harrow residents – indeed to all Londoners – who take pride in and enjoy control over where they live. I challenge Labour Councillors to support or condemn this, lets see how much they value local democracy!”

Councillor Susan Hall
Leader of the Conservative Group London Borough of Harrow

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