Jan 18 2014

SusanWatch: Daily Express – January 18, 2014

susan_hall_leaderThe Daily Express on January 18, 2014, carries an article about Harrow’s raid on brothels in Rayners Lane, where six Roma women were detained during police raids.

Tory council leader Susan Hall said: “The evidence so far suggests this may be an increasing problem. I have accompanied police on three brothel raids in the past month and all have contained Romanian girls – that gives me some indication of the scale of the problem we face and it worries me.”

The women – all aged between 21 and 26 – got formal warnings.  A client, a man in his 50s, admitted having sex with a prostitute but had not committed a crime. He was given a talking to before being let go.

So, a brothel closed, probably only to spring up again a day or two later,  and nobody charged with any offence. Much as it seems wrong to think so, it appears this is edging towards being a rather pointless exercise…


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  1. Enough is enough

    A talking to? That will stop him then. Susan Hall, stop with the self promotion in down-market tabloids. Focus on addressing the issues that you promised to when you were in opposition. School in back gardens, travellers sites and playing fields. You might not think it but these issues mean you are going to lose a lot of votes. Bring on David Perry, Leader of the Council in May (as he is certain to be)

  2. Susan Hall

    Actually I am doing very well on the promises I made when in opposition. Cleaner, Safer and Fairer. We have invested hundreds of thousands in cleaning the streets developing the Blitz team and increasing daily cleaning rotas. We have also restored our parks which were becoming neglected. We are working very hard with the Police trying to make Harrow the safest Borough in London and days like Rayners Lane’s Day of Action on Friday will certainly help that, I shall release all the successes around that within a couple of days. And on the Fairer agenda we are aiming to freeze council tax when Labour want to increase it again this year by 2.5% (they increased it last year) we have made funds available for additional fraud officers to combat blue badge and housing fraud (as just two examples) we have made available an extra 500,000 for children’s social workers to keep our children safe and to be honest the list goes on. In just 4 short months we have made an incredible difference and are aiming to continue to show what we can do.

    With regard to the ‘talking to’ that the client was given there was nothing else the Police could do as their powers do not allow it. This situation needs to be looked at and I am writing to the PM. We must give our Police the clearest of laws in which to work and sadly the rules around Prostitution are complicated.

    ‘Enough is enough’ you are clearly a Labour supporter so I understand that you want your man in charge, that is fair enough however please do not think that we Conservatives are doing nothing because we are working very hard, the fact that we get publicity for our actions clearly annoys you – tough!

    1. Harrow Dude

      Fairer Susie? Don’t make me laugh you are anything but fair. Can you explain how you are going to maintain your big clean up of the borough when the money you miraculously found to hire the copious amounts of agency staff required due to the cuts in front-line staff runs out? It will just like the New Harrow Project (remember that?) good while the money lasts but not sustainable not of course unless you rob Peter to pay Paul . Wasn’t it one of your agency staff who destroyed gravestones at Pinner cemetery? Tell us Susie how much have you spent on agency staff to try and secure votes in May?

      Susie your time is running out…just like the money, correct me if I’m wrong

      1. J. Pepper

        Harrow Dude, you get MY vote. I am fed up with that woman assuming we’re all so stupid that we’ll trot along behind her telling her how clever she is. Much like her spineless cabinet! Still, it does prove the ‘Halls got balls’ statement is true. When do you think she’ll give them back to her cabinet? Maybe she’ll keep them as a souvenir!

  3. j p hobbs


  4. j p hobbs

    Sorry for the typos thats what anger dous for one

  5. j p hobbs

    ohh begger – does not dous see what i mean ?

  6. Enough is enough

    Susan, I’ve always voted Conservative. Whilst listing your achievements, you said nothing about the three issues I mentioned. What is your position now on all of them?

    To be fair, the lack of street cleaning and the resultant cesspit The Borough of Harrow descended into has been largely sorted by you.

    However, I will not be voting Conservative in May because you have not listened to local residents about the above.

  7. Susan Hall

    The Vaughan School was passed before we took power and I have not been made aware of another School that will cause the same problems for the poor residents. I am not aware of any traveller site or any suggestion of one in our borough so not sure what you are referring to. With regard to playing fields discussions are ongoing. Sometimes however much we listen decisions are difficult as residents want different things. With Vaughan School the parents and teachers wanted expansion the residents did not, with playing fields there are different views on what should happen. Navigating the way forward whilst pleasing everyone is almost always impossible

    1. J. Pepper

      I, I, I and I, maybe we should no longer talk about the Conservative party, shall we call it the Susan Hall party? Very proud of yourself aren’t you Leader Hall? But you’ll have one of the shortest leadership’s in the history of Harrow council and then you’ll return to where you belong. You really are terribly self involved and full of your own self importance. Just remind us all now, which day do you do your pensioner’s shampoo and set?

    2. Melanie

      Councillor Hall, how can you say residents want different things in regards to Whitchurch? You know full well what we wanted, exactly what your deputy promised. But as he now ignores any resident who tries to email him about it, you won’t be up to date with what we want.

  8. Edward Cochran on Facebook

    I came through Northolt Road in South Harrow earlier on. The pavements were pretty litter free, but all the litter bins were overflowing. So they are obviously are not being emptied on Sundays. Or at least not until the afternoons….

  9. Graeme


    Just for clarity.

    The residents were not against the Vaughan School expansion per se, but were against the submitted plans to build on the school playing field, a level 3 flood plain, with no robust preventative flood and drainage mechanisms being in place. Indeed, in a recent mail from the drainage department they advised us that the field will continue to drain as it does today – difficult when there won’t be one !

    Re-assurances that the flood would only be a ‘once in a hundred year event’ adds no re-assurances when some parts of the country have seen two such events recently within a two week period.

    Additionally, not all parents wanted the expansion either. Some see it as the ruining of a small local community school and some local parents voiced concerns over the drainage / flooding issues and the impact of additional traffic in an already congested area.

    The residents really appreciated the way you stood up for them at the planning meeting clearly articulating your objections to the proposals, and now that you are in power no doubt the residents can look to you for continued support in their campaign for the EFA to re-look at the proposed plans in line with the councils pending application for the change of use of the playing field.

    1. Cllr Willy Stoodley

      Graeme – “just for clarity” – it had nothing to do with Susan; she does not sit on the planning committee nor was she leader when the application was passed, and all her tory chums voted against it. However all the Labour members voted for it making it a split vote and leaving me to decide. So I decided to vote for this wonderful, brilliant school expansion in my ward. So could you please blame the correct person? ME! Same as Melanie blaming Susan for Whitchurch Playing Fields when that was 1/3 me also!

      Why does everyone blame Susan everytime a committee I sit on makes a decision?!!

      1. Melanie

        Councillor Stoodley, please get your facts straight before accusing me of something I haven’t done. At no stage did I blame Susan Hall for anything other than failing to keep the promise that her chosen deputy leader made, which was that when the Conservatives took power, they would voluntarily register the land as a village green. To that end, Councillor Macleod-Cullinane gave evidence in support of my application at the public inquiry, with the full knowledge and often watched by the leader. Following the inquiry the leader tweeted a congratulatory message to my husband and myself. Once in power, they reneged on the promise. I think I have every right, after 4 years of campaigning with the deputy leader, with the knowledge and support of the leader, to be hugely hurt and disappointed that not only have the Conservative group not kept their promise, but that they are denying it was ever made. Your involvement in the licensing panel was no surprise result and we spoke afterwards, as I did to all those who voted against the proposals, politely and in a friendly manner. I think I deserve better from you than such a comment.

      2. Graeme

        Willy, good to hear from you.

        Just for clarity can you please explain how you read “The residents really appreciated the way you stood up for them at the planning meeting clearly articulating your objections to the proposals” as blaming Susan ?

        The purpose of my post was to expand Susan’s comments as follow;

        1. Residents weren’t against the expansion but were against the plans submitted
        2. Not all parents were in favour.

        But thank you Willy for giving me the opportunity of thanking Susan again for her support at the time.

        Maybe your post was written in the spirit of “Political Banter”, if not I would suggest a trip to Specsavers is overdue.

  10. Steve

    Susan is absolutely right to close down the brothels in Harrow even if they might open up again in another part of the borough a few days later. It is only by raiding these premises that the police can ensure that the women are not being forced into prostitution by pimps and ‘madams’, thus enforcing the Council’s cleaner, fairer, safer, agenda. Keep going, Susan, the more labour supporters rant, the more obvious they are rattled!

    1. J. Pepper

      Labour can sit around laughing whilst the Conservative group implodes under the leadership of an unqualified hairdresser. I have never voted anything but Conservative, but I won’t vote for a party that supports a leader who plays fast and loose with the truth. Morally devoid and repugnant. David Perry must be laughing at the leader, well, her self aggrandisement is quite funny!

      1. Cllr Willy Stoodley

        Well that’s rather a salty reply!!

  11. j p hobbs

    Well talking about filth and litter just have a look at the bushes in front of where the Eastern European guys have the car wash a lot of the lazy people using this say what a wonderful job they are doing , but take a few steps forward to the bushes near their hut ,you will see hundreds of thousands of tins cans cartons and wrappers these have been their for several years they just use them and toss them into the bushes as if thats the normal thing to do , maybe someone can telll me why this has been going on so long ? there is also a small hedge that runs from these bushes up behind the bus stop that is also ful of litter , now if you sit quietly at night in your car you will see the rats scuttling to an fro i wonder how long before a child drops some thing and gets bitten by the rats whilst trying to pick it up . i reported this to Homebase and a staff member said ohh yes we have them all over the garden centre as well they come from , it would be an idea to remove the bushes and the hedgerow for starters , Rats love bottles they get the dried out sugar fron the containers , Please Susan can you make this urgent , just take a look you will be flabergasted .. it will be so simple and the car wash can pay for it .

  12. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    JP – it could be that the rats and the Councillors are tolerating each other out of professional courtsey?!!!!

  13. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    @ Paul Boakes – I don’t think the ladies were Italian (Roman you said!).

  14. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    Frivolity aside, may I ask who would be in favour of legalising prostitution; and slapping 200% VAT on it to pay for monitoring, health checks etc.?


  15. Willy – (a) I’ll bow to your greater knowledge of the ethic knowledge of the ladies, and I’ll change the story from ‘Roman’ to ‘Roma’ if you’re sure that’s where they come from. (b) Yes, absolutely in favour of it: control it, monitor it, tax it, etc. We could have a ‘Scores on the Doors’ type thing, where they get ‘reviewed’ by Council Officers…

  16. j p hobbs

    Willy!!! Councillors and professional in the same sentance TUT TUT we all know that can not be by performance stats .

  17. Susan Hall

    Interesting J. Pepper. I was wondering what sort of ghastly person could make those vicious nasty comments you were making and now with this post of course I know who you are as it links into an even nastier letter that you sent me. Why dont you use your own name and stand up and be counted – you wont of course because all bullies are cowards at heart – perhaps I should give you the balls i’m alleged to have, although of course I doubt you would know what to do with them.

    1. J Pepper

      Must be your age pet. I wouldn’t waste the ink. Still whatever helps you sleep at night. Heehee!

  18. Susan Hall

    J.P.Hobbs I asked that the Homebase shrubs were cleared of rubbish and have been told that the contractors are on site dealing with it. Hope you are able to see a big difference. This has not been funded by the Council

  19. MysticMeg

    Susan Hall. I am not a conservative voter, but, have to say you are getting very harsh press. I can see the difference you are making to Harrow and am just sorry that political point scoring is preventing some residents from acknowledging your efforts. Labour shafted all of us and I am staggered that Harrow residents have such short memories. I am not saying I am converted to becoming a Conservative voter, but, I do know for sure that I will NEVER vote labour again.

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