Jun 13 2014

Dave Says: Putting Politics Back in the Community

labour_roseIn all the number-crunching, analysis and soul-searching after any election, the real stories are often missed. The Harrow headline: ‘Labour victory over Tories’ or ‘Voters reject breakaway candidates’ only conveys part of the picture.

The events and local difficulties over the past year meant how Harrow voted was always going to be keenly watched by the pundits.

It’s not been easy for our hard-working staff who have managed to carry on delivering vital services for residents.

Our road towards this victory was, I believe, put in place eight months ago when Labour Councillors and members launched a series of meetings with residents about how the council should be helping them and what should be in our manifesto.

We held open meetings with community organisations, the third sector, women’s groups, trade unions and residents to hear people’s opinions on how Harrow council can work with them to improve their lives.

From this consultation we produced a manifesto that prioritised the concerns people told us are important to them. So whether it was building affordable homes, pledging £1m to tackle domestic violence and support carers, or embarking on a programme of estate regeneration – our manifesto reflected the priorities of Harrow residents.

This is not empty rhetoric. Partnership with the community will lie at the heart of everything the new Labour administration does; from helping us to run services to taking up brushes and brooms to clean the borough together. This last point was illustrated during the campaign when, in the course of talking to people on their doorsteps, we devised a community clean-up day. Local people worked with us to clear up a rubbish-strewn alleyway that had attracted numerous complaints.

This is local politics at its best – Councillors bringing people together to make a real and positive difference to their area. As Leader of Harrow Council, I plan to make this down-your-street approach a priority for my administration.

For example, I and every Labour Councillor in Harrow has agreed to spend at least an hour a week volunteering for a local charity. Councillors should be rooted in the area they serve; none of us are interested in being political careerists who see a brief stint at their local authority as the fast lane to Westminster. We are here to serve the community.

Harrow Council will need to save more than £70 million over the next four years, and the challenge is to limit the damage that will do to our front line services such as day centres, special needs bus services and care for the elderly – all these critical activities support the needy and vulnerable in our community.

To manage this, we will build on the ethos of the cooperative council and create a model of local government where the Labour council works with local people and the voluntary sector every step of the way. The council does not always know best, and it certainly no longer has the cheque book to pay for all of its priorities.

The era of local government from a town hall that is comfortably insulated from the real challenges facing local people is gone forever. I am pleased that the new crop of Labour Councillors encompasses a range of ages, ethnicities and professions from small business owners to trade unionist, lawyers to carers.

I will work hard to ensure my administration’s Councillors work collectively with the community and that local people can be confident their voice is as clear as any in the council chamber. The Labour Group will work with residents, community organisations and local voluntary group to bring about real and positive change in Harrow.

Cllr David Perry – Leader of Harrow Council

Source: Labour in London

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  1. Someonewhocares

    Sounds very promising Cllr. Perry, and that you really have been listening, too! As someone else in another recent thread indicated (with reference to the previous incumbents) “We don’t want Councillors to argue WITH us, we want them to argue FOR us!” Similarly we don’t want Councillors to spend a disproportionate amount of time arguing with each other, either – so let’s see what we can all do together…..

  2. Willy Stoodley

    David you need to have someone proof-read your articles becore you send them out – you have one-sentence paragraphs all over the place!

    In three years Labour built ZERO houses; you’re now already 3 weeks into your administration – why don’t you tell us what you’ve actually DONE ALREADY to provide for the building of new homes?

    You say your victory was a result of consulting with the electorate – UTTER TOSH YOU ARE SO KIDDING YOURSELF! Labour got 40% of a 40% turnout so only 16% of the borough voted Labour – not your fault you get a working majority off the back of the electorate’s apathy but hardly grounds to claim you won because you engaged with the electorate – 16% is no where near a mandate, not from the electorate, anyway…

    1. Harrow Dude

      To be fair Willy you can play with the figures all you like 40% turnout (average for local elections) but can you tell us what percentage of the borough that decided to vote, did not vote for the ILG?

      1. Willy Stoodley

        I didn’t play with the figures-they are mathmatical fact. If you’re a Labour fan then you need to deal with it-you got 16%; the other 84% will soon start whinging…

        1. Harrow Dude

          OK Labour got 16% can you tell us how much ILG got?
          To be fair you saying you came third is a bit like Susie saying she came second…it’s first place or no place in your game.
          Don’t do a Susie answer the question. Also could you remind us, did you vote for Susie on the night of the 16th Sept 2013?

          1. Willy Stoodley

            We got 8% (see below). Answer what question?? We had a vote on whether or not to vote for Dave or Susie or abstain. We voted to support Susie because of Dave’s behaviour towards ILG.

  3. Michael Condon

    Hurrah! I am sure that i am not the only Harrow voter who is delighted that the treatcherous back stabbing gang of self-seeking opportunists ,the magnificently named ‘the ILP’, got really shafted.Well done the voters of Harrow.
    Well David don’ be frightened to remind us regularly, that Harrow is not a rich borough.We are no Westminster.. .

  4. Willy Stoodley

    We weren’t shafted-we came 3rd, we beat the LibDems & Ukip, & under a PR voting system like the Mayoral & EU elections we’d have won 5 seats on the Council. Treachery & backstabbing is Dave Perry running for leader against Thaya Iddaikadar when he’d only been leader for 7 months. Treacherous & backstabbing is Labour voting with Tories to cap benefits & further curb union powers… But credit to you Condon-you aren’t blogging anonymously like most of the others on here-so respect to you.

    1. jsix of white three of red

      no geezer you got shafted now throw on a fresh pair of panties and deal with it.

  5. Steve Wright

    Dave, At Council I heard you say how happy the officers were now that you have been elected leader. That is not my impression at all, quite the reverse in fact as officers tell me they preferred the strong leadership, clear strategic direction and sound policies and values that were the hallmark of the Conservative administration, What you offer is part-time leadership (by keeping on your full time job) and no substance to your bland manifesto pledges coming out of the Labour Office. Better get that ‘Chief Executive’ in quickly else your Administration will collapse into topor just as it did before you created the labour split in 2013. I hope you have the good grace to turn down the full allowance as you are failing to earn it by being a part-time leader.

    1. Honest and Open

      Please do not encourage him to get a chief exec in that is the last thing we need!

  6. jsix of white three of red

    turn it steve man what are you a saint? give the geezer a chance for gods sake geeez what do you people want

    1. Willy Stoodley

      Turn it Jsix man what are you, a saint? The “geezer” gets the shy side of £40,000pa for being leader & a Cllr – is it really that unfair to expect him to give up the day job and focus on running the Council? Actually you’re clearly not a saint, taking the Lord’s name in vain…

      1. jsix of white three of red

        and what are you mate a preist ?if your that concerned go and become a monk and learn to turn the other cheek and stop judging people wow some people on here.

        1. Willy Stoodley

          You judged Cllr Wright yet you whinge when I return the favour. If you can’t take it, don’t give it out son!!

          1. jsix of white three of red

            listen dad i can anything youve got the fact that someone has put you in your place and you dont like it well tough ti**y take it on the rin tin tin DAD!!!!!!

  7. Marcello Borgese

    Well said, Steve. I hope the new ‘leader’ stays very busy in his day job and finds he has very little time to do anything at council because the one thing we know about Labour in power is that they always raise taxes, waste money on goodness-knows-what and leave the place in a complete mess when they get kicked out. So I hope Cllr Perry and his little band do nothing at all because whatever they do will end up costing us dear.

    Willy, here’s an interesting statistic for you. UKIP came third in just about all wards they had a candidate in, beating ILG and Libs. What do you think of that?

  8. Concerned Harrovian

    Is David Perry going to allow Council meetings to be recorded and put on line? .Ricky 123 made an offer to do just that and Cllr. Perry said he would think about doing it. How long is thinking time?

    We want to hear and see what our councillors are saying and doing on our behalf. We want to hear and see them in action or non action as the case may be.

  9. MysticMeg

    @ concerned harrovian – a bit like with FOI’s, you could be waiting some time before anyone even notices that we are serious about this suggestion.

  10. Willy Stoodley

    So howcome Perry hasn’t posted a comment on here? lol

    1. jsix of white three of red

      doesent want to waste his time on mugs like you lol.

      1. Willy Stoodley

        It’s his post so, by your own rationale, his post is a waste of time…

        1. jsix of white three of red

          go back down the darby and joan club there just about to do the okey cokey lol

          1. Willy Stoodley

            Did you mean DErby? And did you mean thEY’RE? No wonder Labour wants to make education a priority…

  11. Concerned Harrovian

    It has been mentioned he was attending a stag weekend. I wonder what happened at that event because no one has seen him or heard from him since. I hope he has not been abducted and left in some remote spot.

  12. Concerned Harrovian

    six of white three of red

    He was voted in and gets paid a salary of £40,000 to WASTE HIS TIME ON PEOPLE LIKE US. Are you saying we are mugs to have voted for him? Showing contempt for voters BY CALLING THEM MUGS is not a way to get residents to vote for you in the next election that is held.

  13. Willy Stoodley

    Jsix – but I DO love it son – you’re the one who’s whinging and whining…

  14. anon

    Where is david Perry ? In fact , who is david Perry? Outrageous.

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