Sep 23 2014

Rubbish Initiative takes Harrow by Storm

hannah_david_2The streets of Harrow will be a little cleaner from now on, as a new social action initiative to tidy up the Borough goes from strength to strength. The Rubbish Friends, a volunteering group set up by Hannah David, the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Harrow West, have been meeting regularly over the last three month’s to clean up some of the Borough’s worst littering and fly tipping black spots.

The most recent meeting took place last Thursday, as a group of around 20 volunteers met on Pinner Road to clear up several of the nearby alleyways, which have unfortunately become prime targets for fly tipping.

The success of Rubbish Friends is clearly a sign that the people of Harrow are sick and tired of their public spaces being abused by people who have little respect for the values of community and civic responsibility. Mrs David has been encouraged by the way in which Harrow’s residents are fighting back.

“We are seeing new people join us at every meeting. It is so encouraging to see local people come out in force to tidy up their neighbourhoods, sending a clear message that they will not stand any longer for dirty roads, streets and parks.” The initiative has also proved to be a fantastic vehicle for building a stronger community spirit.

Following the most recent meeting, Mrs David said, “I think the biggest surprise for all of us has been how much fun these Rubbish Friends meetings have been. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet other members of the community, and the shared sense of accomplishment that we all feel when we transform a local rubbish black-spot is a fantastic reward for a job well done.”

20140923_rubbish_friends“I hope that as this initiative continues, we will see ever more groups taking matters into their own hands to transform our community for the better.”


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  1. Keepbritaintidy

    Great to hear about groups getting together to tidy up their neighbourhood.

    This October we’re hoping to deliver our biggest ever tidy up of the country – as a key part of our Jubilee celebrations. We’re launching the campaign on Friday 26th September with a clean-up of Wimbledon Common –and we’ll be supported by the ‘Wombles’ and Waitrose staff – plus we’ll be inviting local schools and community groups along.

    This will be followed up with similar staged events in Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and Exeter throughout October.

    Details on how to sign up your event and get a Big Tidy Up kit for free can found at the following link:


    In addition, a good number of Waitrose stores around the country will be providing support for local groups – from putting up posters advertising events, through to providing refreshments – up to organising their own Tidy Ups. We’ll we working to link up stores and local tidy up groups over the next few weeks.

  2. mike mcfadden

    Well done Hannah but we must also go after the scum that treats our country our way of life our culture with such disrespect. Harrow deserves better it only became a slum when the Loonies pushed Political Correctness and that Multicultural nonsense up our noses.
    I was at the councils last meeting where Labour were given a real hard time by Susan Hall and Barry Macleod-Cullinane and so they should. However, I understand on the spot fines of £75 for littering and spitting will be here by January 2015. Why it wasn’t done 7/8 years ago when Nu-Labour started there failed social experiment and our streets and way of life was turned up side down.
    Am I right in saying Harrow has the highest rate of TB “tuberculosis” in Europe. Something that was totally eradicated from these islands decades ago.

    No matter how many hard working decent folk clean up after scum they will not get the message until they are hit in the pocket and money taken off them so they can’t buy the beer and then throw the empties all over the place.

    Next stop is schools. I’ve personally witnessed children being take to school give empty sweet rappers to their parents only for them to throw rubbish on to the ground. The older kids who are left to fend at for themselves at takeaways just throw cartons down. It has to change. This is England and kids being brought up here MUST learn our values first.

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