Jul 16 2014

We all have a few rubbish friends – but usually not like these…

hannah_david_2Hannah David launches social action initiative to help with cleaning up Harrow…

One of the things that residents in Harrow are most concerned about is the state of our streets, roads, and parks.  Under the last Conservative administration, the council invested heavily in street cleaning, but there is still too much litter on our streets.  That is why I am setting up a new volunteering initiative — Rubbish Friends — to help keep our streets clean.

Rubbish Friends will meet once a month at different locations across the borough to clean up a local street, road or park.  I want to recruit as many volunteers as possible, and that is why I am asking for your help.

This is not just about keeping our streets clean.  Doing voluntary work in our community is an important civic duty – the challenges we face as a society seem to grow in scope every day and if we are to overcome them we must all shoulder our share of the burden with humility. I hope that through Rubbish Friends, we can encourage others to roll up their sleeves, and take action to make Harrow a better place to live for all.

I am particularly interested in involving young people in this initiative.  In time, I hope to build many Rubbish Friends teams across Harrow.  This is a fantastic opportunity for young people to improve their team work and leadership skills, while giving something back to the community.

The First meeting of Rubbish friends will take place this Friday, 18th July in Rayner’s Lane.  The meeting point will be our offices at 10 Village Way at 12:00.

Harrow Council have kindly agreed to provide all the equipment we need – gloves, litter pickers, and bin bags.

If you would like to get involved in Rubbish Friends, please send an email to contact@hannahdavid.co.uk.

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  1. mike mcfadden

    Hannah, how about concentrating on the scum that throw the rubbish out!!! The tax-paying residents don’t behave like this. If defaulters are on benefits take them away. If they are here looking for asylum say their request could be denied if found guilty of any anti-social crime. Its time to go after those that cause the problem not those that have to pay the cost. Time to get tough with scum that have turned Harrow into a slum.

  2. Mike N

    An excellent idea that I will support when it comes to my part of the borough. However the council needs to do a lot more! After all that is part of what we pay them to do. Recently it took three reports over a three week period to get them to sweep a residential road near to me that was very littered. When it was finally cleaned only a half hearted job was done. Under Susan Halls leadership at least I started to see a difference. But recently it’s starting to look as run down as it has been over the last several years. I don’t know if anyone has heard the saying ‘Broken Windows’. It refers to a study in the US, where when an area starts to look run down it attracts the wrong type of people into the neighbourhood who then bring down the area even further and so on and so on. A vicious circle.
    We have to start first of all with Harrow Council pulling their finger out and giving us the service that most of us pay heavily for. Next we, as the residents need to look after the little bit infront of our homes, like they are required to do in countries like Germany. It doesn’t mean sweeping the whole street, just something simple like picking up the odd bit of litter outside our homes. I know it’s not as simple as it sounds for everyone, especially if they live on a high street or next to a take away. We then need to make shops, especially take always responsible for the area outside their premises. After all most of the rubbish on our streets is from these types of businesses. Finally we have to do what Mike McFadden has suggested…….make the idiots who blight or streets and our lives with their disgusting behavior pay! We could make a start by using the CCTV that was installed to keep an eye out for trouble on the streets of Harrow but is now used to catch out, in most cases minor infringement of parking and the like to help fill the councils coffers, although all local authorities will deny this until the cows come home. If the government are true to their word the use of these CCTV will be banned for the use of making money out of motorists later the year! And they can then be directed at the trouble makers on our streets.

  3. Concerned Harrovian

    I agree with the above comments. Fly tippers should be sentenced to clean the streets of Harrow. The period of time to be decided by the amount of the fly tip. I always pick up any rubbish that is dropped outside my house. As Mike N suggested if every person cleaned and picked up litter outside their property not only would Harrow clean up but the cost of cleaning the borough would reduce. It is time there was some enforcement of the litter laws. Why should the rest of us literally pick up after the lazy, irresponsible, litter louts?

    Why can’t councillors lead by example and do litter picking on their wards for an hour a week. We don’t want them just to clean up on their expenses.

    As for the bins that were not collected on the 10th of July were they then collected on the 11th July? If they were left for a whole month they will get very smelly in the heat. Not all residents have transport to take their rubbish to the tip,

    Perhaps Willy Stoodly, a very enthusiastic support of the strike and concerned about the poor and vulnerable. will step forward to help. There will be poor and vulnerable people whose bins will not have been collected for a month. I am sure they will welcome Willy turning up to volunteer to take their rubbish to the tip. A wheelbarrow would be the best form of transport because then taking the rubbish to the tip would not put more petrol fumes into the air of Harrow.

  4. Willy Stoodley

    If you don’t like Harrow why don’t you leave?! Send in some photographic and documentary evidence to prove that it’s asylum seekers and benefit claimants! Yet another prospective politician making noises over something she has no control of!

    1. mike mcfadden

      Willy Stoodley, , you’re hopelessly missing the point. Its because we do care about Harrow that we want it to return to a smart home owning democracy not a socialist slum were people are bussed in to live off benefits and don’t give a damn about our way of life or who pays the bill because they don’t. Willy wake up and smell the coffee. Its time for change. We need to go back to the future. Ps: Ask Harrow how many they are prosecuting and how many need interpreters? That should answer your question.

      1. Willy Stoodley

        Mike – I’m one of those TRYING to live off £72 a week. Those of us claiming jobseekers allowance is a pultry 1% of the welfare state budget. Not your fault you don’t know-there’s a mass of propaganda out there.

        I speek French almost fluently but I’d want a translator if I was in a French court!

        1. mike mcfadden

          Willy, there’s no point winging? I used to know one bloke by the time he’s paid mortgage council tax and the rest of Nu-Labour stealth taxes etc he had less then that to live on. So stop winging start working. No job, go create one for yourself. Two arms two legs two eyes two ears, two languages, so what’s the problem?
          Governments are not there to create jobs! Governments are there to create an environment where jobs can flourish!! Low taxes, low bureaucracy, low crime, encourage people to work harder by letting them keep most of what they create.

          1 You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich!!
          2 You cannot lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down.
          3 You cannot build character and courage by taking away man’s initiative and independence.
          4 You cannot help men permanently by doing for them, what they could and should do for themselves.

          The answer is as Norman Tebbit said all those years ago “get on ya bike”

  5. Concernecd Harrovian

    Are those people whose bins were not collected entitled to a rebate on their council tax?

  6. Lisa

    Can someone please tell me how much out of our council tax do do we pay for bin collecions

  7. Concerned Harrovian


    I am sure there must be a job out there for a bilingual speaker. Have you considered self employment?. How about doing a one year PCGE and becoming a French tutor or working at one of the bilingual schools that are springing up everywhere.

    Also rich does not equal bad and poor equals good as life is much more complex than that. Two legs ba’ad four legs good I(George Orwell)

  8. Mike N

    Willy, what do you mean TRYING to live off £72 a week. Weren’t you recently in the Philippines (your post July 10th)? It seem that you are managing OK to me! Even if the holiday was a freebie it would still have cost you something !

  9. anon

    Red mirror……… I know who you are. Sour grapes?

  10. Rupika Dave

    Best laugh of the day having learned that Willy Stoodley is on benefits!! That explains his attitude towards everything he comments on. Allegedly he is so qualified, and speaks several languages, including Gujurati and yet, he sponges off the state. Tut tut Willy

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