Apr 02 2014

@husain_akhtar – Still Picking on Cllr Hall

husain_akhtar1An iharrow.com exclusive

Sometimes, fact is stranger than fiction.

Literally 12 hours before the Standards Hearing, at which he’d be given every chance to defend the allegations against him in harassing and bullying his female colleagues, the disgraced Cllr Husain Akhtar was still, uh, picking on his female colleagues.

iharrow.com has been given an email from Husain Akhtar addressed to Hugh Peart, the Legal and Monitoring Officer at Harrow Council, asking whether the Leader of the Council, Cllr Susan Hall, was “authorised” to get involved in the case of the Harrow restaurant displaying a Saddam Hussein poster in its window.

The email asks if “such an action by the leader of the council is in order” and goes onto to say that “this is a serious matter with implications for the reputation of the council” – a reputation that you’ll be forgiven for thinking the disgraced councillor is hell-bent on damaging all by himself.

aktar_emailSome days, it never rains, but it pours.

Advice to Cllr Akhtar: when you find yourself in a hole, with nobody around you, don’t get out your spade and start digging! Marlborough and Wealdstone residents would do well to remember that this is the character standing for election in their wards shortly.


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  1. j p hobbs

    Well maybe he likes his women walking a long way behind him and Susan is way ahead of him , you cant teach an old dog new tricks comes to mind ,, thanks Susan for the brilliant job in Elms Road , those overhang bushes outside the Memorial cub where quite scary for the elderly walking along there , one elderly neighbour was mugged in the cover of them twice , now all has been cut back and a nice fence put in widening the pavement by at least half again and giving good clear view , well done again . John p Hobbs . I can at last see hope for Harrow .

  2. Harrow Cynic

    It doesn’t seem to me that Cllr Akhtar is ‘picking’ on Cllr Hall on this occasion, even though we all know they have a mutual loathing of each other. He asks the quite reasonable question (although possibly to the wrong person) about Cllr Hall’s motives in asking the restaurant owner to remove the poster of Saddam Hussein. It’s a daft question however, for most Harrovians understand Cllr Hall’s motives: free publicity!

    Frankly, if the restaurateur wants to display a poster of a butcher and madman, then that is up to him. I imagine the only results of his action will be to decrease his takings and increase his glazing insurance premium.

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