Apr 25 2014

The Rubbish Diet Blog: It’s All About the Honey!

rubbish_diet_logoHere is the Honey Bee stall during Harrow College’s Sustainability week event and today I want to share some tips I learned with you.

Did you know that a third of our foods are pollinated by bees?

I have always thought that when clear honey goes cloudy then it has gone bad and have always thrown it away thinking it was contaminated. However, I learned that honey NEVER goes off!

Have you ever seen mould on honey? No, nor me.

Honey was found in an Egyptian tomb and was still edible! That’s incredible!

I learned that by gently heating up the cloudy honey it will go clear again and that both clear and cloudy honey are fine to use. I also learned that honey should never be stored in the fridge as it crystallises, which changes the texture – it’s also impossible to get out of the jar until it reaches room temperature again!


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