Feb 26 2014

Cllr Susan Hall Visits Harrow Churches Housing Association. Eats cake.

susan_hall_leaderCllr Susan Hall, Leader of Harrow Council, visited a new shared house for single young homeless people, owned and managed by Harrow Churches Housing Association (HCHA) who celebrate their 50th anniversary this year.

HCHA Young Persons’ Service Manager, Ophelia Comrie said, ‘HCHA has been providing shared accommodation and support to vulnerable young people aged 18-24. We have provided housing support to 827 young people living in our nine properties located in the borough of Harrow. We are pleased to invite Cllr Hall to see our newest house and meet some of our young residents.’

During her visit, Cllr Hall took a brief guided tour of the premises and met support staff and talked to eight young people about their aspirations and getting into work. She also had time for coffee and to cut a birthday cake to mark the anniversary of the housing association.

Cllr Hall said, ‘I’m thoroughly impressed by what I’ve seen, clearly there’s a massive need for homes like this. The more hope we can give youngsters for their future the more we can support people into work, and into having a fulfilling life, the better. It’s essential that young people can achieve their dreams and that they know where they’re going, and we’ve got to do everything we can to help.’

HCHA Young Persons’ Project Coordinator, Sheetal Patwa said, ‘ We provide housing combined with training and personal development as we recognise that homelessness is not just a housing issue, we need to understand and address the reasons behind an individual’s homelessness and factors preventing them from leading a fully independent life. We draw up a support plan for each individual so they can access the services and training they need to ensure inclusion in mainstream society. Cllr Halls visit today has been about listening to young people and giving them a voice.’


Left to right: Thomas, Kola, Susan Hall, Sheetal, Sabuullah, Dave and Jack celebrate HCHAs 50th anniversary at a new shared house for young people.

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  1. j p hobbs

    Hi Susan I read last night that another 2012 ,000 new immigrants arrived this year can you explain where they are now living and who is picking up the bills , they have to be living somewhere and I understand there is a massive shortage of housing , where have all these people been accommodated so quickly , can you find ME a place please ? sorry to ask but it just doesn’t add up or make sense .

  2. j p hobbs

    I went to the Enderly Road medical centre Harrow yesterday after waiting three weeks for an appointment the queue was out into the road something I have never seen before many were immigrants or refugees waiting to sign on with a Doctor , it was just like a refugee centre and absolute pandemonium inside , when will our politicians say enough ? probably not until the whole world lives in the UK . then the full sign may go up , Oh well its taken my mind off of the stealth cameras Willy . can just any Politician looking in try to answer at least one of my reasonable questions . please please please you may have to in MAY ..

  3. j p hobbs

    And the other several million , they just don’t have an acceptable answer do they , any of them .
    They all must be housed somewhere ?

    1. j p hobbs

      Sorry if i posted this twice but i want to find out if all our Cllrs are deaf in both ears .

  4. j p hobbs

    And the other several million they must all be housed somewhere .

  5. Susan Hall

    JP Hobbs. You ask questions that only MP’s can answer. Willy and I are local Councillors, we do not make or pass the rules governing the Country we just try and make things better for those living in Harrow. I have not responded before because quite frankly answering what is now well over 1200 e mails a week my time is stretched to breaking point. I do however like to read this site and note comments made, unless of course they are from a particular person that has nothing good to say about anyone!

    1. jp hobbs

      Ok Susan I do apologise but I do have you down as a future candidate for a top position I find at the moment our MPs are ignoring the public so please put it in your diary for later , I do believe housing is a local matter , meanwhile what about that stealth camera you said you were looking into , I have been asking my local Tories for more than a year now . sorry and thanks for your reply , jp

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