Mar 04 2014

SusanWatch: Bed-in-Shed Lottery Winner Found

susan_hall_leaderSpotted in the Daily Mail recently, we find Council Leader Susan Hall again, chasing down the perennial problem of Beds in Sheds in the borough.

This one was – to add insult to injury – a garage conversion by a Bulgarian national, who had won over £160,000 in March, to add to the £1million sum he’d won in 2011.

Cllr Hall is reported as saying “The beds-in-sheds phenomenon means there is a hidden community springing up in the back gardens of our cities – in our borough alone the thermal pictures we receive suggest there are four times as many as we first suspected.”

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  1. Concerned Harrovian

    Any chance he could be fined a million as that would help put money into Harrow’s coffers. Wonder if he spits, flytips and runs a brothel because he could help fund Harrow borough with his fines.

    I saw that the Susan Hall had featured in the Daily Mail when she commented on the customer who complained to Trading Standards about being rejected by a prostitute.

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