Aug 06 2016

SusanWatch: Labour’s division affects London

susan_hall_2Spotted in the Evening Standard, October 2, 2016

For many Labour Party members and supporters this is a trying time. Two polarised camps are emerging with no sign of compromise in sight. Clearly both sides have strong convictions and genuinely have their party’s best interests at heart.

Yet as the Labour leadership contest drags on it seems increasingly unlikely that the party will be able to unite. Many are wondering what will happen if the Labour party splits. A strong Opposition is essential to any democracy. Governments must be held to account. So this is a pressing concern for Westminster, where Labour are in opposition, but in London it is a greater worry.

There are 20 Labour-run local authorities in London, not to mention a newly elected Labour Mayor. Whatever the outcome of the leadership election there are likely to be serious consequences for our capital if the party does not unite behind its leader.

While it is unclear how this will end, what is certain is that local authorities in London need strong governance. A divided Labour Party cannot deliver that.

Cllr Susan Hall, leader of Harrow Conservative Group

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