Jun 26 2016

SusanWatch: Sunday Telegraph re: “tepid” Corbyn

susan_hall_2Spotted in the Sunday Telegraph (26.06.2016):

Dear Sir,

The fallout from the EU referendum has been just as dramatic and indeed traumatic as many predicted, and through David Cameron’s resignation I believe we have lost an exceptional Prime Minister and a truly committed public servant.

Meanwhile, the Labour party could vote to ditch Jeremy Corbyn as early as next week, but removing him will not fix Labour’s problem. More than anything, the referendum showed how out of step Labour is with its traditional voters – particularly in the north east and the midlands. Indeed, it was the surprise strength of ‘Leave’ in these areas which ultimately determined the result.

And, tepid though Corbyn was throughout the referendum campaign, he cannot be blamed for scores of Labour MPs, local associations and activist bases so fundamentally misjudging the concerns of the people they are supposed to represent. Until Labour recognise this, no amount of leadership musical chairs will solve their problems.


Cllr. Susan Hall
Leader of Harrow Council Conservative Group

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  1. Christopher Langley

    Rubbish Susan. David Cameron held the referendum to stop a rebellion by his MP’s. He was told it was a stupid idea but he went ahead anyway. He employed a “passed the sellby date” Sir Rose of going down the hill M&S to run the campaign which was a damp squid and generally laughed at except, it was so important.

    Don’t sneer at Labour. Because of the selfishness of Conservative MP’s, who include Bob Blackman, we the UK are in deep do do.

  2. susan hall

    Christopher, the Referendum was held because the Country clearly wanted one and David Cameron kept his manifesto pledge and gave us one. I have been very surprised and saddened by the venom of some of those on the remain side. Bob Blackman has always made his views known and should be applauded for keeping to his word and beliefs.

    This issue has split all the parties bar one and we all voted according to our own beliefs which is appropriate. The Leave side has one fairly and therefore we will leave the EU. As for doom and gloom, once things have begun to settle everyone will realise that it is not the end of the world by a long way. We are a fantastic Country and we will go on to better things.

    As for me sneering at Labour I most certainly am not. If you read my letter it points out that perhaps the Labour MP’s in the northern constituencies should have understood the mood of their electorate better. They can’t just blame Jeremy Corbyn because the vote did not go their way

    1. red mirror

      IT is not in the nature of politics that the best men should be elected .The best men do not want to govern their fellow men.

  3. Someonewhocares

    The main problem here is not actually the split in the PARTIES but the split in the NATION now surely? The Government knew if would be ‘close’ but just ‘did not think it through’! It would have been much more sensible to require a *significant majority* to invoke such far-reaching changes. It was even suggested to Cameron that a majority be necessary in *all four Countries* too but he dismissed this as ‘silly’. Obviously Cameron used the Referendum as an Election Manifesto issue (in part to eradicate the Coalition) but announced it in February at a time when REMAIN would most probably win (with a suitable margin). Now Boris – the man with the untrue battle-bus slogan – will possibly preside over the mess he made but he is simply NOT up to the job! Interesting to note that immigration etc is now being quoted as NOT what BREXIT was all about! Well apparently, we really ARE all that stupid! Furthermore if this Result was based on such lies is it actually valid? (Possibly, but it does not make it acceptable. or sensible either!)

    1. susan hall

      There has always been a split in views over Europe and everyone’s views should be respected.I think you are correct that the Referendum was chosen for a time that Remain would most likely win-so that tells us that Leave is possibly stronger than the result suggests. The Nation has spoken and everyone should respect that and get on with it. As for Boris he is more than capable of being our Prime Minister and I say that as someone who knows him and his capabilities. If Boris is not chosen then we are so lucky in the Conservative Party in that we have many stars to chose from. Labour meanwhile must understandably be very concerned as their position is dire.

      1. Someonewhocares

        Ah yes the ‘personalities’ involved… what this Result was really all about: Maybe Boris can be PM ‘from afar’ then (as apparently very few Londoners like (or trust) him as we already knew from the Mayoral Elections? Or perhaps Michael Gove should be PM and ‘teach us all a lesson’ (- yes that is a reference to his time as awful Education minister). I was rather appalled to see him in a TV interview explaining how “no-one could name the 5 Un-elected Presidents of the EU”: So tell me: Who’s job was it to let us know all this – years ago (and do something about that then) – and not wait to use it now as propaganda instead? Oh yes, that’s right – The Current Government, – that’s who! Unfortunately the over-riding perception now is that BREXIT ‘won’ because they were ‘better’ liars than REMAIN’s ! And in case you missed the irony here it was the ‘far right’ who forced out Cameron – and it will be the far right who will now suppport Boris and if so put us into a deeper mess no doubt! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Corbyn is effective either, but he is not to blame for all this – blustering buffoons like Boris and Nigel are, along with all their ridiculous fear-mongering ! I really don’t believe BREXIT would have won without Nigel either: ‘Freedom of Speech’ sometimes means the Freedom to talk total rubbish, unfortunately, and drop us right into ‘doom and uncertainty’ for probably the next 5 years). At least LEAVE knew to drop Nigel immediately he had served his purpose for ‘the cause’ though ! We all know wonder what the future hold:Thanks, elitist buffoons !

        1. Marcello Borgese

          Were you born yesterday? I only ask because you seem to be surprised that candidates lie and/or exaggerate just before elections. It happens every single time but it doesn’t mean those who vote in a certain way believe all the claims being made to encourage that outcome. I made up my mind about the EU many years ago and this campaign did not affect my decision in any way; I wanted a certain outcome irrespective of what any campaigner said.

          I would be in favour of candidates/campaigners being held accountable for what they claim or promise before an election and when electing a candidate, that could work. A referendum is different as there is no candidate.

          1. Someonewhocares

            NO, I wasn’t – and no I am NOT *surprised* by our increasing ‘gutter politics’ either – but I am particularly disgusted in these particular campaigns though! Stating utter nonsense on the side of a bus for example – and then back-tracking on it 6 hours after the Result. You apparently missed the main point though – is not putting something patently untrue up on posters not fraud and/or racist etc? Is ‘campaigning’ all about fear or facts? With all your EU insights though I really do hope you tried to convince *others* to ‘vote a certain way’ too (and with sufficient proof, obviously). Good for you for ignoring these campaigns but most of the population don’t (regardless of how valid/accurate they are).. As for ‘accountability’ Cameron caused much of this too of course and is now EXITing himself…. but wait a minute – accountability? – in politics? Really? Now I would like a Referendum on THAT! (Oh and Thank you for pointing out a Referendum is ‘different’ – I had no idea !)

  4. red mirror

    i would urge everyone no to hold their breath we aren’t out yet cameron should sign article 50 now or get out of number ten i have a sneaky suspicion many spanners will be thrown in the works one of which will be tartan.

  5. Marcello Borgese

    Susan I think you’re right about Labour but wrong about Cameroon. He was a terrible PM – he promised not raise VAT, then did; he promised not to alter the NHS, then did; he promised to get immigration below 100,000, it’s now over 300,000; he promised big concessions from Brussels, he got very little; he said he could reform the EU if we stayed in, then Junckers said DC got the best deal he could and there would be no more.

    He says/promises whatever he needs to in order to get himself out of whichever mess he’s got himself into. He will go down in history as one of the worst PMs, only marginally better than his immediate predecessor.

    Clegg has decimated the Lib-Dems, who have now been replaced by UKIP as the 3rd party. Corbyn is determined to split the Labour party and thereby split the Labour vote at every future election. Cameron has caused immense (though not irreversible) damage to the parliamentary Tory party – right now they couldn’t run a bath, let alone a country, especially one that is about to regain its sovereignty (provided parliament does not renege on the referendum).

    I know you have to show loyalty to your party leaders, but really………

  6. Someonewhocares

    Just watched Gove explain his plan; Very interesting and lots of well-intentioned stuff etc (at least ‘on paper’ – and he clearly means well, too – but the Grandees (and Teresa) will never allow it of course. Quite a lot of good business-friendly issues too… some good ideas too, plus much talk of ‘change’ in his speech but, unfortunately, all the reactionaries within actually won’t like it!

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