Mar 10 2015

Not a good week for @Uma_Kumaran – Empty Seats and £1,000

March 4th saw Uma Kumaran’s campaign launch in the 200-seat Byron Hall in Harrow. Unfortunately, only 100 or so people turned up for it, we’re told, leading to ample room (and, presumably, ample tea and biscuits). Quite probably explains why Ms Kumaran’s Twitter feed is absolutely silent on the whole thing – not even a picture, which is unusual for her. However, Tom Copley obliged with this Tweet – note the empty chairs, right at the front:

Even Harrow Labour seem disgruntled with the whole mess – the word from one Labour councillor is that this was “the worst Harrow Labour event” he’d ever attended. So,it’s not just Bob Blackman having problems selling tickets for his fundraisers.And then today, it seems to have headed in a worse direction, with Ms Kumaran refusing the £1,000 donation from Tony Blair, and then – according to an insider at the local Labour party – doing a complete U-turn being read the riot act by Labour Party HQ and getting the Harrow East Labour party to accept the envelope stuffed with banknotes instead.

More details on that at Buzzfeed.

Hat-tip to M. for the tip-off.

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  1. Awula Serwah

    I joined the march against the Iraq war and was disappointed when the UK invaded Iraq. Robin Cook who saw the ‘evidence’ was not impressed with the reasons for the invasion, and resigned. It is now clear that there were no weapons of mass destruction, and we were misled.

    According to Wikipedia, “Scientific surveys of Iraqi deaths resulting from the first four years of the Iraq War found that between 151,000 to over one million Iraqis died as a result of conflict during this time. A later study, published in 2011, found that approximately 500,000 Iraqis had died as a result of the conflict since the invasion. Counts of deaths reported in newspapers collated by projects like the Iraq Body Count project found 174,000 Iraqis reported killed between 2003 and 2013, with between 112,000-123,000 of those killed being civilian non combatants.”

    The death toll continues.

    Considering the fact that Tony Blair took Britain to the war in Iraq, and continues to justify the Iraq war, I would not accept money from him.

  2. Dame Betty

    I have signed the petition at


    and would encourage all parliamentary candidates who have received money from Tony Blair to donate the money to charities supporting Iraqi victims of war.

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