Oct 28 2014

Uma Kumaran: NHS Under Unbearable Pressure in Harrow

uma_kumaranLabour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Harrow East, Uma Kumaran, has today highlighted the increasing pressure faced by our NHS in Harrow.

Figures released this week show that the North West London Hospitals NHS Trust, the body responsible for Northwick Park Hospital, is one of the worst in the country for meeting government targets. Between July and September of this year, more than 1,300 patients were left waiting on trolleys in A&E for more than 4 hours. This is compared to only 352 in the same period last year.

The number of people waiting more than 4 hours to be admitted to A&E by the Trust almost doubled during the same period, rising from 2,208 in 2013 to 4,304 this year.

Uma Kumaran, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate in Harrow East, said: Our local health service is facing unbearable pressure in Harrow. The figures released this week show quite how bad the situation has been allowed to become under this Government. As a volunteer radio presenter at Northwick Park Hospital, I speak to patients every week who tell me about the problems our NHS is facing. Our staff are working harder than ever to meet the needs of patients, but this Government is not doing enough to support them. If I am elected to represent Harrow East next year, I will fully support Labour’s commitment to provide £2.5bn a year to the NHS Time to Care Fund that will support 20,000 extra nurses, 8,000 more GPs and 3,000 more midwives.

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  1. Mike N

    Not another Labour member telling us how much better the NHS would be if they were in charge of the country. Try telling that to the sick and dying of Wales where Labour have been in charge for 10 years! Welsh patient crossing into England for hospital care because of the lack of money being put into their NHS by the Welsh assembly.
    With regards to our own NHS in England, it’s not necessary a lack of money that is responsible for patient waiting times in A&E departments like Northwick Park’s but to many people using it, many of whom are recent arrivals in the UK, who for the first time in their lives have free medical care and block the system with minor ailments that they should not be attending A&E for.
    How do I know………a close family member who is a senior member of the hospital medical staff who has looked into the increase in patients attending A&E. The results show nearly a 33% increase in patients attending A&E in the last 5 years! Just after Labour opened the flood gates. I just wish that Uma Kumaran would get back to spinning discs on NPH radio, because she knows nothing about the real reason for patient waiting times!

  2. Mike N

    Just as an after thought………another reason for the increase in waiting times apart from too many people attending A&E when they should really be seeing their GP is a lack of hospital beds. This would only be alieviated by increasing the size of hospitals and A&Es by ten fold.
    Not even Labours spin of an extra 2.5 bn would pay for much larger hospitals.

  3. mike mcfadden

    Mike N Nice to see people are are starting to standing up to Labour’s Spin but its time to call it what it is. Lies, Lairs and what goes with lying. No matter how much money is given to the NHS or any of our benefit system’s will do nothing unless proper reform take place. Labours lies are just pie in the sky. We cannot treat the world in our National system nor house them or feed them. Back in the 1960/70’s Labour used to call for more money for the mine’s the car, steel and all. However, nationalised Industries failed because they run out of tax-payers money.

    All that was created was people taking their beds to work with them and a collapse of the pound by devaluing which lead to 96% tax rate which in turn killed enterprise thrift and hard work. The politics of envy took over !!!

    That is done by printing worthless money to pay which in turns creates a call for more money. Inflation destroys jobs and infrastructure. Which in turn creates civil unrest and mayhem. labour’s real objective” revolution” and rule by fear!!!! Marxists really hate you but love the power over your lives.

    We must return to the basic facts of life. If you can’t afford it you can’t have it!!! Not rocket science. Time to wake-up and smell the coffee.

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