Jun 17 2014

Uma Writes: Harrow Schools Packed to Bursting Point

uma_kumaranMore than 3,200 Harrow pupils are now being taught in oversized classes – the highest rate seen anywhere in the country.

Uma Kumaran, Labour MP Candidate for Harrow East, has exposed the failings of the Tory-led Government in our borough, as David Cameron breaks his election promise of “small schools with smaller class sizes”.

New figures released last week show that 3,237 Harrow pupils are being forced to learn in overcrowded classrooms. Harrow topped the table with an average of 30.2 children per class compared to the national average of 27.4. There is evidence to suggest that these bloated class sizes have a negative effect on children’s learning and future development.

Uma Kumaran, Labour MP Candidate for Harrow East, said: The difference in class sizes from 2010 to 2014 is at a staggering 3407%, that’s a rate you’d expect to find from Wonga. David Cameron has broken his pre-election promise to Britain of ‘smaller schools with smaller class sizes’ and as a result has unfairly left children in Harrow sitting in the most overcrowded classes in the country. I went to primary school in harrow and now am a local school governor here, I know first-hand how hard our brilliant teachers work to give children the best start in life possible; but with overcrowded classes it is becoming harder and harder to do. I’m determined that the children of today get the same opportunities, a Labour government would prioritise new school places in areas like Harrow where the need is greatest. Our children should not be squeezed into overcrowded classrooms, paying the price of the Tory-led government’s inept, ideological education policy.”

She continued: “While Michael Gove is busy micro-managing what books are on the English literature GCSE curriculum and squabbling with his cabinet colleagues through the newspapers, Harrow’s children are being let down and squeezed into overcrowded classes.”

The number of Harrow pupils in overcrowded classes has increased from 95 in Jan 2010 to 3,332 in Jan 2014.

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  1. MysticMeg

    All very convenient to blame it on the Torys. I seem to recall that it was the Labour run council that opened our doors to every asylum seeker and anyone seeking social housing to this Borough. Of course it was going to result in shortage or school spaces, doctors, dentists etc. Uma isn’t telling us anything we didn’t already know. This Borough has become a slum thanks to the Labour administration inability to manage Harrow properly.


    Completely true meg labour still refuse to mention immigration
    maybe Uma and her party can explain how they are going to cope with the 45 diff languages in the schools and how the teachers can cope with this problem

  3. Marcello Borgese

    Uma, these are fantastical figures and it’s a bit sloppy of you not to quote your source(s). Is it the Labour Party Propaganda Team or is it an organisation who does not attempt to mislead?

    Can you be a bit more specific about your evidence that ‘bloated’ class sizes have a negative effect? You could probably find evidence that suggests the opposite too. Surely factors such as quality of teaching and behaviour of pupils matter more than just class size. The last time I looked, Harrow Borough performs very well educationally so perhaps class sizes of just over 30 isn’t really a problem.

    I’m sure you already know that there is a massive school expansion programme under way in Harrow so capacity will be increased. Perhaps your team can update those figures of yours next term. Then a further update just before the general election next year would be very helpful.

  4. John Clement

    This is because there are too many peopkle rather than too few schools and that is quite =clearly the fault of the Labour government 1997 – 2010. Furthermore I would rather have fields and lower population density than more “affordable housing”. I have no wish to beome any closer to Harrow being a third world ghetto/slum, and would like it to return to the nice pleasant place it once was.

  5. Marcello Borgese

    It’s very disappointing that Miss UK has chosen to ignore the public and not follow up on this. I suspect she’s not even aware of the article, it was probably put out by the insidious Labour Party Propaganda Team as she does not appear to be a candidate in charge of her own campaign.

    I suppose though while Labour always claim they listen to us, they never said anything about actually responding!

    1. PraxisReform

      I’m not so sure… She’s been quite happy to retweet tweets slamming old Bob before and after her selection, so I assume that she’s at least partly in charge of her own campaign.

      However, I wrote directly to her at the end of 2013, upon learning of her PPC selection, asking what actions she might be able to take in respect of the Medi-Vial fiasco, and the Campaign to stop insolvency abuse, but just as when I wrote to Toerag McNutly previously, and received no response, 6-7 months later I’ve heard nothing back from her…

      Now, in my mind, if you don’t reply to your correspondence within six months, you have no intention of replying… Therefore, mangos and the possibility of shopkeepers in Harrow Weald having to walk an extra five minutes to bank their takings in Wealdstone seems to be the limits she’ll currently push herself to.

      I’m pondering if the sackuma.com domain would be a good investment now.

  6. Concerned Harrovian

    Traders in Wealdstone have received a letter informing them that Barclays is closing in Wealdstone. Unless we bank at Lloyds it means a member of staff will have to go to Hatch End or Central Harrow to bank the takings.

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