May 25 2011

Kenshukai Karate in South Harrow

The Windsock Club RAFA
28-30 Eastcote Ave, HA2 8AL
Tue 6.30-7.30pm

We welcome the whole family to come and train, and have received a reputation for being a “Family Club”. The training environment is primarily non-contact to minimise any chance of injury. Our friendly instructors are concerned with each student’s individual progress, and we are careful to take into account people’s age, and physical & mental ability.

Our classes are suitable for all ages, starting from 5 years and up to 65! We have a family atmosphere, so there is always a range of ages in the class, and some parents often choose to train along with their kids. We encourage all new members to start at their own pace, therefore there is no requirement for a particular fitness level or previous experience.

You can schedule your first FREE lesson online, here or visit the website for further information.

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