Dec 22 2012

Mayor provides £2.3m investment in transport for Harrow

boris_johnsonThe Mayor of London, Boris Johnson has today announced £2.3m for Harrow to invest in transport projects that will benefit the local community.

Transport for London (TfL) has allocated the money through Local Implementation Plan (LIP) funding for the borough to spend on projects that support the Mayor’s Transport Strategy.

The funding is awarded to support projects in the London boroughs that will make cycling safer and easier, improve walking facilities, make roads safer, smooth traffic flow and breathe new life into town centres, public squares and local shopping areas to boost the local economy.

The £2.3m funding package in 2013/14 will finance a range of transport projects in Harrow including:

  • £100,000 for a Legible London (way finding signage) project in Harrow Town Centre and Wealdstone to make it easier for pedestrians to find their way around the area. This will be the first Legible London scheme in Harrow
  • £100,000 to implement signage for dedicated freight routes in the borough, improved enforcement by CCTV and signage for restricted freight routes in the borough as well as production of material for freight operators
  • £455,000 for bus stop accessibility and route improvements. Changes will include increasing capacity for all buses on Kenton Road bus stops and at Harrow on the Hill bus garage as well as completing bus priority works south of Harrow, from Eastcote Lane and Stanmore to Common Rd/High Rd junction

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson said: “This funding will benefit all of London and everyone living in, working in or visiting Harrow. A world class city deserves a world class transport system and the borough will use this money to make significant improvements for local people.”

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  1. Jeremy Zeid UKIP Harrow

    But naturally NOTHING being spent on fixing the damned roads and pavements, just more edifices and politically correct “initiatives” by a failing Council, to give the illusion of activity. I expect most of the money to be eaten up in “consultations”, consultants, meetings, committees, paper and junk, a d when nothing of substance is left, it will all be blamed on the “cuts” by the Two Shahs Comedy Duo.

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