May 22 2012

Chiltern Railway Proposed Timetable Changes – Northolt Park Analysis

The South Harrow and Roxeth Residents Association, SHARRA, have done some analysis on the recent announcement by Chiltern Railways over their proposed timetable changes coming up later this year.

Chiltern has already said that the changes have been designed to ensure train services are tailored to the number of passengers using trains along the route. This does mean that some locations will receive slightly fewer trains. At most stations where the number of stops is reduced, this is balanced by improvements in the spacing of trains however at Saunderton the peak service frequency will reduce to hourly.

This difficult decision has been taken as passenger numbers are low compared to many other locations on the route and frequent alternative services are available at Princes Risborough and High Wycombe.

This does mean that some locations will receive slightly fewer trains – Chiltern Railways

SHARRA have calculated the numbers of trains calling at Northolt Park for the following timetables and have calculated the percentage differences from the previous timetable (shown in brackets) with finally an overall percentage difference (December 2012 against December 2011).

London Bound Trains   Dec. 2011    May 2012        Dec. 2012 Overall
Monday-Friday         33           26 (-21.2%)    24 (-7.7%)    (-27.27%)
Saturday              29           22 (-24.1%)    22            (-24.1%)
Sunday                16           16             16


Northbound Trains     Dec. 2011    May 2012        Dec. 2012 Overall
Monday-Friday         37           28 (-24.3%)     22 (-21.4%)  (-40.5%)
Saturday              27           19 (-29.6%)     22 (+15.78%) (-18.5%)
Sunday                17           17              17

It’s quite a significant loss of train services, and although the analysis doesn’t take into account time of travel (ie: what’s the impact of peak-time versus non-peak-time services), it’s almost certain to affect travellers who use Northolt Park. I think we can safely assume that there will be a loud objection to these changes – iharrow.com would ask that you feed any comments directly to Chiltern Railways by email. More details, including other timetable changes, can be found here. Remember, no objections will mean that that these changes are likely to go ahead. Please make your voice heard.

Source: South Harrow and Roxeth Residents Association.

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