Jan 11 2012

HS2 Going Ahead – Impact to Harrow?

As we’ve seen on the news recently, HS2 – the High Speed rail link from London to Birmingham (and beyond) – is now going ahead.

This high speed rail link will be capable to carrying trains at up to 250 miles per hour, and connecting the two cities – at a peak-time rate of about one train every two minutes) – in about 49 minutes, down from 84 minutes. If – and when – the ‘Y’ shaped extension gets delivered, we’ll see London to Leeds times of around 80 minutes.

Although the line doesn’t go through Harrow, it does travel through Perivale and Northolt more or less adjacent to the existing Central Line. This, of course, means that Mandeville Road – just by Northolt station – will be affected by the building of a new road bridge over the new line. The line will then continue just behind Northolt High School before going underground (for about three miles) just before the South Ruislip Waste Dump and re-emerging at West Ruislip.

The noise from the Perivale-Greenford-Northolt segment will travel far and wide – at speeds of approaching 250 mph there will be little in the immediate area which won’t be affected by the noise once it’s operational. At that’s after the years of disruption of tunelling, bridges and general decimation of the landscape.

Further afield, it’s not much better, but we’ll leave that to others to comment upon. They’ll be plenty of time before the route opens in 2026.

Further reading : stophs2.org and yestohs2.co.uk. Or look at the clickable map from the BBC.


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