Dec 08 2011

Petition for lifts for Harrow-on-the-Hill tube station

Local residents may have read of petitions calling for Transport for London to install lifts at Harrow on the Hill station.

It’s an awkward station if you have any kind of disability: first, you need to ascend a number of steps to get to the ticket hall; you then need to descend again to get to the platform. As Councillor Sue Anderson (Greenhill, Labour) said: “It is not just for the disabled and elderly but also for the parents with prams and people who are carrying heavy shopping and would find it difficult to climb the stairs.” Going from Rayners Lane to Harrow and returning would require – apparently – twelve flights of stairs.

Cllr Anderson has gathered over 200 signatures – as well as several column inches in the local papers – but is that really very many? An online petition has gathered – at the time of writing – 33 signatures (including those that voted multiple times) in the almost two weeks its been running.

But is it a new problem? The Harrow Observer reports from May 2009 on this very issue, with it’s “Give us a Lift” campaign. And nothing happened then.

This time around, London Underground say that there remains no funding for this project, and whilst it’s a “good candidate”, nothing is likely to change until after 2018.

Sources: Harrow Times


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