Apr 28 2014

St Anns Road… Paved and dug up again.

Barely had the trumpets ceased their fanfare at the completion of St Anns Road in Harrow town centre, then the find new paving – having been honoured by the passing feet of assorted dignitaries – is now being dug up.

It’s not entirely clear why – seems to be something to do with the new drainage installed there – as that’s what seems to have been dug up. Whatever, could have done with a bit better planning to avoid this so soon after it’s been laid down.


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  1. John Clement

    Not to worry. The council plan to shoot 10 disabled people to cover the costs.

    1. garth

      john your comment is nearer the truth than you know believe me not that sue cares shes a disciple of saul alinski and the trans humanists.

  2. Concerned Harrovian

    It is to do with drains all right. A drain on the public purse!

  3. anon

    Same old story. Money spent when and where it wants rather than on where it needed…of course then there is no money.

  4. Susan Hall

    I think before residents get too upset (understandably) I should explain. UKPN – UK Power Network had to dig up one of their cables as a matter of urgency as power had been badly interrupted in a couple of the shops. When there is an emergency then the Utility Company’s can dig up our paving etc without notice or permission. This is what has happened here. I am particularly upset because paving has been damaged in doing this. This I can assure readers will be reinstated correctly at a cost to UKPN not the Council. UKPN are also responsible for not back filling correctly by Katie’s statue which is why the reinstatement is not finished there either. I have spoken to the lead engineer this afternoon and he and I will be inspecting when works are finished and I can assure residents that it will be done correctly, I must warn residents that the long awaited lamp columns are also due to go in within the next couple of weeks but we will be watching that to make sure as little interruption as possible is experienced. I most sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused but some things are beyond the control of the Council and this is just such a occasion.

    I must also remind residents that the vast majority of the money spent on the town center was from a fund straight from Mayor Boris Johnson who some of you will know came down to see for himself what had been achieved only a couple of weeks ago.

    1. garth

      yes maybe boris sold one of his old bullingdon dining club outfits and in a fit of largess felt a nostalgic twang of sympathy for his old harovian chums town center lavished the proceeds on the worn out cramped spit filled square to susans delight as if she had layed each slab herself listen theres an old and true saying people you cant polish a t d .

  5. garth

    susan would you please inform the good residents of harrow as to what iclei is and agenda 21 and your involvement with both this is the third time i have asked please could you enlighten us in-between micro managing paving stones.

    1. Harrow Dude

      Over to you Susie.
      What is it to be confirm, deny, clarify?

      As for St Anns road credit were credit is due this has absolutely nothing to do with you, but you can’t help making it about you by claiming to be inspecting when works are finished.

      Surely Harrow Council has qualified Highways Inspectors who are paid to do this or have you axed another post to make your much needed savings?

      I know it’s almost voting time but please Susie less spin, more facts and maybe answer a question or two.

      1. garth

        well said dude maybe susie could stand in the trench in st annes and do a selfie with the slabs

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