Jan 01 2012

Arrow Players – Babes in the Wood – January 7-14, 2012

The Arrow Players are St. Edmund’s Drama Group. The group’s purpose is to stage theatrical performances of various sorts – most important of which are public productions, but also more informal productions, often associated with Church events. They’re now about to start their Pantomime Season with nine performances across seven days at St Edmund’s Hall on the Pinner Road between Pinner and Northwood Hills.

“Babes in the Wood” is a thoroughly traditional family pantomime, with lots of singing and dancing, fun and laughter, and of course, a proper Pantomime Dame, in the shape of the children’s teacher.

The original story, which some say is based on fact, has the children abandoned by their wicked uncle and guardian in a wood in Norfolk. The story was first dramatised in 1793, then turned into a Pantomime in 1827. This version had the bodies of the sleeping children covered up with leaves by birds, the robins of the wood. By 1867, at Covent Garden, the robins had mysteriously become Robin Hood and his Merry Men. Well, Norfolk’s not far from Sherwood, is it!

Our version reinforces that theme by revealing the wicked uncle as none other than the evil Sheriff of Nottingham, so the fate of the children rests on the outcome of Robin’s clash with the Sheriff.

How Robin achieves ultimate victory, aided by Maid Marian, the beautiful daughter of the Sheriff, and by Daphne, the Good Fairy gives a show crammed with great music and spectacle – a perfect feast of post-Christmas entertainment!

Tickets are available from the Box office on 020 8868 7785 or on their website, here.

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