Dec 12 2014

Bin Collection Dates over Christmas and New Year

harrow_council_logoHarrow Council has published the plan for bin collections over the Christmas and New Year period, with bins being collected in some cases a day earlier or two days later than usual. The image below shows the current planned dates.

However, an unfortunate lack of attention to detail may mislead residents into thinking that there could be upto a month without collections in some cases, although it’s far more likely someone has been at the Christmas sherry a little too much. The council hasn’t responded to a request for comment, but it’s likely that the Wednesday collection during New Year’s week will be December 31st, not January 31st as indicated in yellow, below.


Image: @haconservatives on Twitter.


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  1. Linda Robinson

    I fear it has nothing to do with the Christmas sherry, unfortunately, and everything to do with Harrow’s systemic incompetence and, as you say, lack of attention to detail. On mine (North), the 2015 calendar shown has confused me because it doesn’t show our usual collection on Easter Saturday to replace the Good Friday one that we naturally always miss every year. Unless our blue bin is to be collected a day early on the Thursday that week, then we’ll go four weeks from 20 March without our blue bins being emptied. I hope that everyone with Friday collections will be advised clearly in advance exactly what to expect, to avoid a lot of mess and frustration. Strangely, in contrast, they apparently plan to collect blue bins on Boxing Day next year, which I can’t remember ever happening before. In the light of the error pointed out above, it’s hard to trust this glossy calendar which must have cost thousands to produce.

    Presumably the handy reminder they’ve included about “What goes in which bin” is going to be obsolete when they start collecting food waste separately during the year, in a move that is so retrograde and environmentally irresponsible that it’s hard to believe anyone would think it could represent good value for money or be in Harrow’s interests in any way. I predict a disaster of unintended consequences when they start charging for optional collection of garden waste. Reducing the percentage of our waste that goes to landfill is one of the few records that Harrow can be proud of, thanks largely to the uncharacteristically conscientious officer who used to be in charge of recycling. That will soon change if this madcap policy is introduced and people resort to disguising their garden waste in their otherwise underused residual waste bins to avoid a cost equivalent to a five per cent council tax increase. And that’s not to mention the fly-tipping and scruffy gardens which will become Harrow’s norm.

    My plea to the council is, please think more carefully before you scrap a waste system that works perfectly for thousands of householders like me. And please put more scrupulous systems in place before you send out sloppy information to residents. Next thing you’ll be wondering why there’s a flood of enquiries from angry and confused people clogging up your telephone lines and inboxes, costing even more in terms of money, reputation and staff morale. For pity’s sake, wake up!

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