Feb 16 2015

Bob Blackman Get His Mailing List in a Kerfuddle

bob_blackmanIt never rains, it pours, for poor old Bob Blackman these days. Just a few days before the news broke he’d fumbled with his calculator and got caught out with a not entirely accurate mileage claim, it seems his mailing list has also take a turn for the worse.

Back in late January – yes, we’re behind with the emails, I know – Bob mailed out to his newsletter subscribers inviting them to a (fundraising?) lunch for the Rt Hon. Chris Grayling MP as part of the Harrow East Conservative Association. Curiously, we’re told, he also invited Michael Borio, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Ruislip, Northwood & Pinner. Is this what the call keeping your friends close, and your enemies closer?

Either Bob’s database has taken a day off, or tickets for a spot of lunch – bearing in mind the email went out late afternoon the day before – didn’t sell too well.

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  1. PraxisReform

    Could this tell us something about Michael Borio?

    From being someone pretty much unheard of in Harrow, he turns up as a Labour Councillor, then before anyone has a change to be able to see if he’s any good at the job, he’s off to the Ruislip, Northwood & Pinner constituency…

    Those who’ve researched a little of Bob Blackman’s history will know that as a Brent Councillor, he recruited Labour Councillors Nkechi Amalu-Johnson and Poline Nyaga to his group with the promise of a £1 million community centre.

    Then, Labour Councillor Judith Harper joined him, with the promise of a nice Council house in Barnet, and Labour Councillor Harshad Barot crossed the floor with the promise that fraud investigations against him would be dropped…

    Back in 2007, Bob even got Bertha Joseph to join his Tory group, just before she was suspended from the council after using donations intended for a Down Syndrome children’s charity to buy herself ball gowns, as well as for failing to declare cash gifts and hospitality.

    So, come on Cllr. Borio… Come clean and tell us what you’ve done wrong, or what Bob Blackman has offered you to make a Faustian pact?

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