Apr 17 2014

Boxing Club First to Benefit from Sports Pavilion Investment

susan_hall_leaderHarrow Council will spend nearly £930,000 over the next four years revamping dilapidated sports pavilions – and the first group to benefit will be a boxing club in need of a new home. Harrow Amateur Boxing Club will be rehoused in the Croft Pavilion in Pinner, after a long search for a permanent base. The popular boxing club is run by volunteers but has been based at a temporary location at Harrow Leisure Centre. It faced losing members if no long-term location was confirmed.

The Croft has been derelict for 12 years. The Council has twice marketed the site for tenants but no appropriate occupier came forward.

The Conservative Leader of Harrow Council, Cllr. Susan Hall, said: “Not only are we transforming a derelict eyesore into a building that will once again become a vital part of its community, but we are also finding a new home for a popular and thriving club. Our sports clubs are real assets – helping residents get fit and healthy, and providing much needed activities for young people – and we want to do everything we can to help them flourish.

We hope this success story will be repeated at other locations as we bring other sports pavilions back into use.”

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  1. garth

    susan i wonder if you have plans to revamp the toilets in greenhill way where the poor sweepers are forced to have their break the conditions are beyond dickiensian i would suggest you poke your nose in one day if you can stand the fetid stench and see what these poor chaps have to contend with raw urine on the floor blocked toilets and a tiny area where they have to eat so pop in unanounced and have a chat with these splendid fellows the forgotten ones who make YOUR town so clean ..

  2. ricky123

    I thought those toilets were sold off

  3. garth

    no no they are used for the sweepers of the town center and they are in lay terms MINGING every health and safety rule is being broke at ten one day pop in and have a whiff dollars to doughnuts you wont be in there long.

  4. Harrow Dude

    @gartrh My understanding is these toilets have been sold off although you are right Harrow Council think they are still suitable for the town centre staff to take their break which blatantly they are not. Sadly despite what Susie says the hardworking street sweepers are considered bottom of the rung in her grand scheme.

    If memory serves me right Paul Osbourn said that the sewer system is in need of extensive repair and not financially viable for harrow council hence the sell-off


    Cut and paste the above into your browser for further info.
    This should shed some light on the situation.

  5. Susan Hall

    Garth, they have not used the block since December 2013. Clearly you are an ex member of staff so out of the loop and with some sort of personal vendetta. Try and remember please that The Conservatives only took over mid September and we have made many positive changes for the benefit of Harrow Residents. We had 3 years of Labour rule that got us nothing but filthy streets, unkempt parks, higher Council Tax,privatised Library’s (which they promised in their manifesto they would not do) and I could go on and on. We have cleaned up the borough, frozen council tax. we are working with the Police to bring down crime (and we are). My no nonsense approach does not suit everyone and I can understand that but I am passionate about our Borough and I will do all I can to improve it. You and a couple of others can continue to snipe at me as much as you like, I don’t care. I do however care about Harrow and I will continue to make improvements as long as residents keep me as their Leader and vote Conservative in the next election on 22nd May.

    1. garth

      susan you have clearly read my other comments but cherry picked this one are you scared to take on the other subjects is that what saul alinski teaches i haven’t sniped i have asked direct questions the fact that you wont address them speaks volumes .and i see your trying to re frame my asking cogent logical questions with an accusation of vendetta NO i ask of you nothing more than a tax paying member of the borough is entitled to in a free and democratic society if that is what you consider a vendetta then that is a sad and sorry state of affairs indeed and gives me concern for your judgement and ability to fulfill your roll.

  6. garth

    susan do you care enough about the borough to explain to its residents about iclel and agenda 21 would you also be so kind as to inform us all of the involvement of a institution with harrow council called common purpose .would you also please inform us as to why harrow council is breaking the law by issuing fraudulent summonses that only a magistrates court can issue for council tax generic copies are sent out from the civic purporting to come from the magistrates THATS ILLEGAL AND UNLAWFUL but you must know this being in the loop eh susie looking forward to your reply

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