Mar 06 2015

Daily Mail: Bob Blackman MP Refuses to Repay ‘Over-claimed’ Expenses

bob_blackmanThe Conservative MP for Harrow East, Bob Blackman, is back in the press again this week following his ‘inaccurate’ travel expense claims. This time, however, it’s for refusing to repay the full amount of the ‘over-claimed’ expenses.

An article in the Daily Mail says:

A Tory MP is refusing to repay hundreds of pounds in expenses for over-claiming his mileage – after the Commons watchdog checked his journeys on Google Maps.

Backbencher Bob Blackman was found to have filed more than 700 claims for travel around his constituency that were either ‘inaccurate’ or not allowed under the rules. Some were said to be for up to five times the real distance after they were checked.

But the Harrow East MP has refused to accept the conclusions, insisting he will hand back only £237 – despite being asked to repay more than £1,000.

You can read the full story here.

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  1. Someonewhocares

    Just read the full article: How do ‘public figures’ like this have such arrogance, bare-faced cheek and hypocrisy? It is a disgrace to all MPs in general and the Conservatives specifically. He must simply have ‘decided’ not to be an MP any more, surely?

  2. Gary

    does Mr Blackman not understand the legal term of fraud. the act of fraud is when someone receives something i.e. monies that they reasonably know they are not entitled too. However an allegation of fraud can only be resolved through legal proceedings and a judges ruling. but again the Law only seems to apply to working class people and not those that seriously believe they are not accountable under Law. Very much like the scandal of child abuse within the establishment which appears to be going nowhere

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