Nov 10 2017

Don’t ditch Fairtrade!

Following a Fairtrade Community Summit at Stanmore Baptist Church on Saturday 28th November, a delegation delivered a letter for the Store Manager to Stanmore Sainsbury’s.

The Fairtrade Summit, a community event to hear the latest about Fairtrade Activism in Harrow and beyond, highlighted the difference Fairtrade makes. Fairtrade is part of the global push for fairness and justice. The Fairtrade Summit was part of Harrow’s process to renew its Fairtrade Status. The meeting took the opportunity to congratulate Brent Fairtrade Network (BFN) on the successful renewal of its Fairtrade status and asked Dr Peter Moore who chairs the Network to take our solidarity greetings to Brent. The Fairtrade Foundation congratulated BFN saying: “We were particularly impressed with the sheer amount of events and activities you have managed to organise with the limited resources you have.”

Harrow is in the process of renewing its Fairtrade status and like Brent has few resources besides the commitment to Fairtrade Camaigners. If you want to be part of Harrow’s renewal or campaigning or Fairtrade Fortnight 2018, email harrowfairtradecampaign@gmail.com or write to Nana Asante, Harrow Fairtrade Campaign at 119 Herga Road, Harrow, HA3 5NA.

Fairtrade works with 1,411 certified producer organisations across at least 73 countries and a range of product categories touching the lives of 1.6 million farmers. The Fairtrade scheme offers 7.5 million people in the Global South a more secure future. Harrow Fairtrade Campaign is proud to be part of the global Fairtrade quest for social justice.

The Summit coincided with the Day of Action at Sainsbury’s coordinated by CAFOD aimed at persuading Sainsbury’s, the largest Fairtrade retailer, to think again about its decision to replace the tested Fairtrade Gold Standard with the “Fairly Traded” label which is not independently verified. Representatives at the Summit signed a letter which was delivered by a delegation from the Summit with the message which can be summed up #dontditchfairtrade , it’s #notmycupoftea! Harrow Fairtrade Campaign is part of a Network of West London Boroughs organising a Debate at the Institute of Education on Thursday 23rd November 2017, 7:00PM – 9:00PM. Bookings through Eventbrite or by emailing Harrow Fairtrade Campaign.

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