Jul 31 2015

Green Bin Downsizing to Reduce Waste Collection Costs in Harrow

harrow_council_logo2If current rumours are to be believed – and the previous leak from Dave’s Council about Brown Bin charging wasn’t far off the mark – it seems that a secret plan to change all the green bins in Harrow to new, slimmer ones, could be on the cards.

Green bins (which aren’t actually for green waste, but for whatever is left after you’ve scraped your leftovers into the brown bin, and dumped your plastics and cardboard into the blue bin) are really what cost the council money to collect and dispose of. Reducing the size of the bins from 240l to 140l will force residents to recycle as much of their waste as possible, or to take it themselves to the council tip in Wealdstone – both of which will help the council save money. Many residents already report that they manage to fill their blue bin to the brim on a regular basis already.

The crackpot scheme isn’t one dreamed up by the council – Bolton council recently announced the same plan.

There was no mention on how the council will manage the expected increase in fly-tipping.

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  1. Harish KARIA

    great , more rubbish on the roads , more fly tiping How mush extra is it going to cst to clear all these extra rubbish?

  2. F.D.Billson

    Is there the remotest chance that the council will attempt to supply services rather than thinking of ways to severely reduce them considering the high very taxes we are charged. The way residents are treated by this Labour council is disgraceful.

  3. red mirror

    as i have been saying all along this is all part of agenda 21 WHICH EVERY COUNCIL IN THE UK HAVE SIGNED UP TO any and all councillors who are not looking into this hideous plan should be on treason charges because believe me it one hell of a lot further than green bins YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN ARE IN THE SIGHTS OF SOMETHING TRULY MONSTROUS think i am a nut? a conspiracy theorist? do your home work people of harrow and STAND UP DEMAND ANSWERS FROM THAT GRINNING CEO HE WONT BE SMILING LONG REMEMBER AGENDA 21

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