Jan 10 2015

Grimsdyke School Expansion: A Council Cack-handed Consultation?

harrow_council_logoFlicking through the agenda and background papers for Cabinet this week – you will be there, won’t you? – it seems the Council is under fire for yet another half-assed consultation, this time around the expansion of Grimsdkye School.

Out of some 65 comments received once the council published Statutory Notifications of the expansion, these comments dealt with the lack of consultation before this stage:

  • “I did not receive notification of the proposal…”
  • “Not only where we not consulted…”
  • “I also did not receive a consultation document…”
  • “I have only just been notified of the school expansion…”
  • “I have just received a letter…”
  • “I have just learned…”
  • “…did not receive a consultation document…”
  • “…only just become aware…”
  • “…have just received notification on a slip of paper pushed through my door…”
  • “We did not received the previous consultation document…”
  • “I have not been consulted…”
  • “I have not been formally consulted…”
  • “I received a newsletter… I was not even aware of the expansion…”
  • “I have not received any consultation…”

…and so it goes on, and on, and on. The council, as seems to be the norm, appears to have consulted far fewer residents than perhaps it ought to have done. Even residents who live a mere 100 yards from the school weren’t consulted.

You could argue the consultation was superfluous anyway: the council will do whatever the council wants, regardless of the thoughts and feelings of the people it rides rough-shod over. Perhaps now is the time for the council to drop any pretense of consulting residents, save the few thousand pounds it costs them, and just get on with turning the borough into a mess. After all, they were told quite clearly by residents that the libraries shouldn’t be messed with… so the outsourced them, and now threaten to close a load.



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