Nov 19 2017

Guest Post: Petition for Escalators and Lifts in Harrow’s Stations

We’ve seen many a petition for making various Harrow tune stations accessible to those with mobility problems over the years – the latest one, proposed by Kuha Kumaran – is below, and it’s no less important to sign it. Many of Harrow’s stations are simply inaccessible to those with disabilities, the old, and of course, a huge struggle to those with pushchairs. Kuha wrtites:

Struggling elderly, the disabled and young parents with children and buggies desperately need step-free-access to South Harrow tube station (40 steps), West Harrow and Rayners Lane (both having 33 steps) and North Harrow station.

Transport for London and the elected representatives who should have fought for their case have let them down for a long time. I have spoken to many affected people in these areas that agree and have explained their difficulties in navigating the stations due to these issues. It is almost impossible, or a dreadful inconvenience, to use these stations for anyone who is infirm or has mobility issues.

Let us work together as a community to get lifts or escalators installed.

London Underground should be accessible to all. We cannot wait for too long, the longer we wait, the longer people will struggle.

Kuha Kumaran

You can sign the petition here. It currently has 750 signatures.

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  1. Martin Donohue

    Well what a load of nonsense. Tory party activist Kuha thinks every station in Harrow should have step free access? Yet the Tories are the ones who have slashed TfL’s grant by £700 million a year leaving London the only city in Europe not receiving a general grant for transport from government.
    It’s no good being a cheerleader for austerity and then complaining about the consequences.

  2. Peter Day

    I have just come back from a holiday in Santander north Spain I took pictures of ESCALATORS in at least three streets, to help older and handicapped people. This just shows how far our country is behind our European friends. I will put the pictures on Facebook

  3. Lesley de Meza

    Interesting t note that Mr Kuna disregards Stanmore Station – which has 48 steps. Does he not appreciate that Stanmore is within the London Borough of Harrow?

  4. Wealdstone Warrior

    Time to modernise the tube network. What was built last century does not fit in with modern day living. Question – Are English Heritage getting in the way of progress at Harrow on the Hill and other stations? http://districtdavesforum.co.uk/thread/5572/freight-lifts-harrow-hill-again

  5. Ann bowe

    I think all Harrow stations should be updated with lifts or escalators particularly Stanmore which is so steep!!!

  6. Hectors House (@NegligentRail)

    Headstone Lane was earmarked for lifts some years ago to provide access to both platforms however each year the money is allocated elsewhere ,this year for a ramp at I think Watford High St.
    I only know this from station staff & someone who does the flowerbed has to check every year to see if it will be taken away if they decide to use that part for access to lifts he checks with Network Rail as they own the land between the fence & building.

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